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Novak Djokovic Diet

Celebrity Diet, Tennis dietThe Novak Djokovic Diet has turned to be one of the biggest secrets that the Serb Tennis champ is keeping these days. Since Novak is not telling the world about what exactly he is eating, it is all the more intriguing. We all know that this 24 year old developed gluten allergy and has now completely sworn off anything that has gluten. Djokovic even credits his recent seven title wins to the new gluten free diet that he has adopted. And because the Novak Djokovic diet is such a big secret, we need to see what the fuss is all about.


The Big Secret Novak Djokovic Diet!

Djokovic seems to be more of a very private person or rather he is doing that as a strategically timed publicity stunt. Either way, he has caught my attention, especially his diet. When asked why he will divulge the secrets, he said "Because it's private. There are some things I can speak about; there are some things I can't." Whatever! Djokovic, dude, did you ever consider that you might be actually be helping a lot of gluten allergic people out there if you did.


Anyway, last year he took the services of nutritionist Igor Cetojevic. It was Cetojevic who discovered that Novak Djokovic was allergic to gluten. After making some serious dietary changes, Djokovic is now off pasta, pizza, beer, French bread, Corn Flakes, pretzels, empanadas, and basically anything that has wheat in it. He has also also lost several pounds with his new dietary change. He says that his weight loss has made his movements sharper and that there is an overall improvement in his general fitness.


This Could Possibly be Novak Djokovic's Diet Secret:

Novak Djokovic is human, which means that he has to eat. What I'm coming to say is that, his gluten free diet might not be that different from the existing gluten free diets. He would be carefully planning his diet around all that is gluten free. The easily available options for him would be oatmeal, rice cereal or pudding, corn, barley, sorghum, amaranth and millet. There are so many breads, pastas and cakes that are made from soy, rice, rye and corn are available in some special health stores. Besides, he has the money to buy the things that he needs.


And there are also some nutritionists who believe that his diet was not really the secret behind his recent A-Game. They say that it is more of a mental energy thing than a physical energy thing. I agree with that too. If one starts to believe that one can, then the possibilities are limitless.



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Novak Djokovic Diet