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Lemon For Weight Loss

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Lemon for Weight loss has become a very common term in the weight loss jargon. Often we have heard many of the celebrities adopting the lemon detox diets and some others going for some other form of lemon dieting. In fact lemon is an effective way to get rid of internal wastes, and toxins recommend the health experts. The lemon water is also a natural energy booster. A glass of lemon juice is handed over to the people who are on long fast because it can energize the sluggish digestive system which may not function properly due to unavailability of fuel (read food) for long time.


Lemon and Weight Loss

If you want to go on lemon weight loss diet then you need to follow it in a very proper manner. Some experts suggest that:

  • Drinking a warm glass of lemon juice in the morning will aid in energizing the sluggish digestive system which may be down due to sleeping overnight.
  • For best results it is recommended to add the slice of lemon to the water that you drink throughout the day. If desired the lemon can be pureed using the food processor and added to the glass of water. The pectin present in lemon peel does the trick it is good source of fiber and slows down the rate of sugar absorption. It also helps to eliminate the hunger and generates the feeling of fullness within the drinker. Drinking the lemon water is an excellent way to lose weight.


  • Another way of maximizing the lemon for weight loss is by combining it with other beneficial weight loss aids like apple cider vinegar or herbal teas. It was found that the people who were administered on the lemon and vinegar diet were found to lose weight quickly than others. Some of the best lemon flavored teas used for weight loss includes oolong tea and green tea. For best results it is recommended that one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with lemon tea should be consumed throughout the day.


Lemon and Weight Loss: Restrictions

The people on lemon detox diet are mostly advised to take the lemon juice with sea salts. They are recommended to take at least 6-7 glasses of lemon juice. The other ingredient of the diet lemon juice includes pepper and maple syrup too. But these people should observe strict restrictions if they have to find success with the diet. They should avoid the solid foods, also they should not involve in any form of exercising or activity which tires them easily.


Results and Side Effects of Lemon Detox Diets

Many people who are administered on lemon detox diets found that they really aid in weight loss and also they curb the cravings for junk foods and detoxifies the skin too. But they do have their own share of side effects. The people who rigorously follow the lemon detox diet are more prone to headaches and weakness for some extent. Also in order to know the lost weight one has to be very sure of their calorie intake. The weight loss may not affect the water weight which can only be curbed with the help of exercises. Also, one needs to be careful about their salt intake. Many experts say that although the vitamin C content in lemon may aid in amplication of fat oxidation but it is not a regular weight loss aid because the diet is not balanced with proper set of nutrients. This lemon for weight loss term may aid people who are looking for model weight loss. 


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Lemon For Weight Loss