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Orange For Weight Loss

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“Orange for weight loss”- screamed the newspaper headlines. Until that very moment I have thought orange only in terms of a good and delicious fruit and also used its peels for cosmetic treatment. But again there are many exceptions the regular oranges are not for weight loss but the typical variety of Orange that grows in Mediterranean is considered to be a beneficial weight loss aid. The orange variety that aids in weight loss is known as bitter orange or Citrus aurantium and it grows in Mediterranean tropical forests as well as in many of the American States of Florida and California.



Orange and Weight loss

Bitter orange weight loss supplements are flooding the market like never before. It has been an effective weight loss aid since time immemorial. It was an integral part of the Chinese folk remedy because Chinese used it to treat nasal congestion, heart burn and as well promote the weight loss. They also used it to treat the fungal infections.


Some recently published health reports suggest that people who were administered on bitter orange diet  have experienced increased metabolic rates. The increased metabolic rates aids help in clearing the digestion blocks. Also the bitter orange contains polyphenol called herperidin. It helps to decrease the cholesterol levels in blood, blood pressure and decrease the chances of internal inflammation. Also the orange is loaded with various potential antioxidants which aid in weight loss.


Potential Dangers of Orange as a Weight Loss Aid

The orange weight loss diet is not generally advised without the prescription of a certified medical practioner. Many of the health experts have challenged the orange weight loss claims and added that bitter orange contains compounds like octopamine and synephrine. These compounds bear close similarity to the dangerous compounds found in ephedra which is banned in USA. The synephrine was found to increase the cholesterol and blood sugar levels in human beings. Also, it is strongly advised that bitter orange should not be taken in combination of any other stimulant like caffeine, herbal supplements or medical supplements. Due to all this issues the pregnant women are are not recommended with  bitter orange remedy.


After reading the article I was in great dilemma as whether to believe in claims of Orange for weight loss or discard it.  On close scrutiny I realized that orange and weight loss may go hands in hands only if we tend to couple it with proper diet and exercise. As there is no weight loss remedy alone only  hard work, and right diet can help in weight loss. Also, before consuming any so called natural weight loss supplement one take experts advice to avoid the complications.


For the supporters of orange weight loss diet  I just want to say believe in your diet, exercise and food then you may be in position to say how true is the orange for weight loss claims. 


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Orange For Weight Loss