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Marilyn Monroe Diet

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The Marilyn Monroe Diet simply shows how passionate the great actress was  about food. Today, there doesn't seem to be any consensus about what size Marilyn was, but she most likely was anything between a size 4 to 8. From some shopping lists, which were recovered many years after her death, it seems like Norma Jean (Marilyn for you) loved to cook for herself and liked to have wholesome meals.




A leaf from Marilyn’s shopping list gives a peek into what the actual Marilyn Monroe diet was and also gives an insight into the fact that Marilyn was an amazing cook too.


  • Breakfast: Marilyn supposedly began her day with milk or weak cocoa, well cooked cereal, two slices of buttered toast, stewed prunes or a glass of orange juice.
  • Mid day snack: She had a cup of whole milk and cracker during a mid-day break.
  • Lunch and Supper: Cottage cheese and 1 egg. She liked to have her egg boiled, or scrambled, or poached or shirred according to her mood. She also ate mashed or baked potatoes, noodles cooked in milk, spaghetti with butter or tomato, or a slice of bread with butter. Also she had cooked fruits or Jell-O for desserts.
  • Mid-Evening Snacks: It was again a cup of whole milk and cracker.
  • Dinner: She often ate Sweetbread, chicken liver, potato, lamb chop, lean beef, chicken, or  fish. She also loved to eat tomatoes, carrots, spinachs, beets, and beans. Marilyn topped off her dinner with custard, tapioca pudding, baked apple, or junket.
  • Supper: Marilyn ended her day with wholesome egg nog.


This shows that Marilyn preferred a wholesome and healthy diet rather than crash diets which many of the celebrities of the modern day are synonymous with. The wonder lies in the fact that in spite of eating wholesome she managed to maintain a beautiful and svelte figure. No wonder she is one of the most beautiful figures of 20th century.


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Marilyn Monroe Diet