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Michael Jackson Diet

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Micheal Jacksons Diet is equally amusing as his life, and music. Some revelations from his personal chef have tried to identify that Micheal also nursed finicky food habits. Micheal was one of the closely watched people across the world. His every move and action was covered by International media with a pinch of amusement and bewilderment.


Highlights of Micheal Jacksons Diet

  • Fruit Drinks: Micheal was very fond of fruit drinks. He mostly impinged on having special fruit drinks.  He drenched his granola with almond milk. The almond milk was highly nutritious, vegan approved and lactose free.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables and Chicken Salad: Micheal typically had chicken salad and spinach for lunch. His diet was more or less same thing over the years.
  • Dinner: Dinner was mostly seared yellow-fin tuna.


Since 2008, Micheal Jackson reportedly lived on a diet of biscuits, gravy and painkillers. Apart from that he was addicted to vitamin supplements in the form of capsules as well as injections. In 2009 it was reported that Micheal has stopped taking solid foods and he survived largely on liquid diet especially fruit juices.


The experts point out that Micheal followed a very poor diet regime which also contributed to his untimely death. He relied more on drugs than food which in sense made him dependent and made him vulnerable to easy death. Many nutritionists believe that his untimely death could have been averted if Micheal would have agreed to take an expert help. This means Micheal Jackson diet is not one ideal diet which anyone should follow to lose weight. 


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Michael Jackson Diet