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Urinary Tract Infection Foods To Avoid

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Acidic Fruits Urinary Tract infection, a bacterial or fungal infection of the urinary tract, can aggravate if you don’t exercise care with diet. For this you need to know which urinary tract infection foods to avoid. The symptoms of this disease varies from painful urination to blood in urine, feeling and increased feelings to urinate often. The risk factors can be many but the situation may aggravate if certain foods are eaten during or after the infection.


List of foods to avoid during urinary tract infection


  • Caffeine: Isn’t it a stimulant? Won’t it give peels of energy when I am feeling low? It is commonly observed that most of the women tend to think in this manner if they are told that caffeine is not good for the urinary health and they need to be placed first on the list of urinary tract infection foods to avoid. The reason is that caffeine in the coffee will increase the heart rate and encourage the bacteria to circulate in the body at faster rate. Especially to the urinary area.


  • Sugar: It should be strictly avoided if urinary tract infection is the thing of recent past. According to urologist Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler the bacteria causing the infection mostly feed on the sugar and multiply in size. And great care should be exercised immediately after the episode of urinary tract infection.


  • Alcohol: The main reason to include them in the list of urinary tract infection foods to avoid was their capability to irritate the bladder. They irritate the bladder thereby increasing the urge to urinate.  Nutritionists highly recommend that the alcohols should be replaced with water or fresh fruit juices like cranberry juice because it helps in alkalizing the urine and flushes out the unwanted bacteria causing infection.


  • Spicy foods: Many of the women may find it hard to chomp their food without spices. But in reality the spices may cause them more harm after the onslaught of urinary tract infection. These spices infect the walls of bladder and cause the situation of painful burning during urination. The scientists at University of Maryland Medical Center suggest eating foods that are low in spices.


  • Acidic Fruits: Fruits like tomatoes, oranges, grapefruits and lemons are high in acidic content and they are capable of irritating the stomach lining and causing bladder inflammation. They can either induce the situation or worsen it for bad. So it’s better to avoid the acidic fruits for long time after the UTI.


The risk of developing the UTI stands very high especially after its onslaught. So, it is always better to play safe with urinary tract infection foods to avoid and stay free from agonies, burning and pain.  


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Urinary Tract Infection Foods To Avoid