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High Potassium Foods To Avoid

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The health condition which heightens the level of potassium in blood is known as hyperkalemia. There can be myriad of reasons for its occurrence, but it can be surely curbed if you know which high potassium foods to avoid. The enhanced potassium levels can weaken the nerves, heart and muscles. So, you need to be very careful about what you eat.




Foods to Avoid for High Potassium

  • Vegetables: Most of the vegetables are rich in potassium content but not all of them are harmful. People with already high levels of potassium in their blood stream should avoid eating vegetables like potatoes and its variants, asparagus, okra, pumpkin, spinach, butter beans, and brussel sprouts with pepper, alfalfa sprouts, bamboo, wax beans, cucumber, cabbage etc. The Scientists at Atlanta Nephrology Referral Center have recommended that it is good to boil potatoes in plain water to get rid of its potassium content.


  • Fruits: You may ask they are always purported as good for health then how can they make it to the list of high potassium foods to avoid. Then the answer is yes fruits are good for health but most of them are packed with potassium. That doesn’t means you should avoid the fruit in total only you need to make wiser choices.


  • Sweets and Snacks: They have made it to the list of high potassium foods to avoid due to their nature. The Sweets and snacks are stacked with high levels of potassium which may hamper the body’s equilibrium by weakening the muscles. The Scientists at Ohio State University Medical Center have suggested that people on low-pottasium diet need to cut of carbonated beverages, nuts and chocolates completely from their life. These foods can tickle the taste buds but they will do more harm than good.


  • Meats: According to Cleveland Clinic it is always good to avoid the tinned or preserved meat like bacons, hot dogs, anchovies and sausages because they are doused with high amount of potassium to enhance their shelf life.


  • Starches: They are the high profile foods to avoid for high potassium. Not all starches are bad but the ones like bulgur etc are considered to be bad for health because they have high quantity of potassium. If you find it difficult to identify the bad form of starches then you can take help from your nutritionist.


To avoid high potassium content in bloodstream is very much possible if you know which the high potassium foods to avoid are and which foods to eat. Stay tuned to to know more about the foods to eat.  


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High Potassium Foods To Avoid