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Kate Middleton Diet

Ever since the royal wedding, many want to know what Kate Middleton is doing. And in fact, many ladies want to know what is the Kate Middleton diet all about, as they want to tone up and look like her. In many ways, Kate Middleton's life is sort of a modern day fairytale where a commoner like herself, finds true love in the crown prince(Ok, second in line) of the country. Who doesn't want a fairytale like hers? I don't know about you but I want one. And to top it all, she is not any ordinary princess, but is one fantastic looking princess! So, let's check out the Kate Middleton diet!


Kate Middleton Diet Secrets!

I am told that the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton, of course) was on what is known as the Dukan diet before the royal wedding. The Dukan Diet was developed by the French nutritionist, Dr Pierre Dukan. This diet is similar to the Atkins Diet, except that it is not quite similar. The Dukan diet primarily focuses on shocking the body with protein and thereby inducing weight loss. Kate Middleton who was a Size 12 in college, dropped to Size 6 at the time of the wedding.


The Dukan Diet has 4 phases. The first phase is known as the Attack Phase which lasts for a week. During this phase the dieter might lose upto 10 pounds. In this phase, the dieter is asked to stick to lean proteins coming from chicken, beef with no fat, seafood and low fat yogurt. The second phase is known as the Cruise Phase where the dieter is asked to alternate protein-only days with vegetable-only days. In this stage, the dieter is expected to lose around 2 pounds. The third phase is known as the Consolidation Phase. This phrase is started only when the dieter has reached the goal weight. The Consolidation Phase is a 10 day phase where the dieter is allowed to eat one portion of fruit and two slices of whole-grain each day along with the normal diet. The final stage is known as the Stabilization Phase where you can eat just about anything you want except the fact that the dieter has to have a protein-only day once in a week apart from eating oat bran twice or thrice a week. Dr. Pierre Dukan advises the dieter to follow the Stabilization Phase for life to maintain weight loss.


Now, I do not really know why Kate Middleton had a pressing need to go on a diet as she was looking fine the way she was before, but one has to admit that she looks super toned and fabulous now. A Kate Middleton fan must also note that she comes from a great athletic background. She rows a boat for heaven's sake and I'm told that she once rowed 20 miles in the English Channel. She played hockey in college and she was also in the college's track team. She also hits the gym almost everyday and spends an hour doing weights and cardio exercises.


Final Word on the Kate Middleton Diet!

I suggest that you consult a doctor before going on a diet that is laden with protein. Very low carbohydrate content in the diet will cause fatigue and reduce your body's energy levels drastically. A nutritionist or a doctor would be able to work this high protein diet that would be feasible for you.


Good luck!


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Kate Middleton Diet