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Salma Hayek Diet

A look at this sexy yummy mommy and one just can't help but wonder about the Salma Hayek Diet Secrets! It took nearly 9 months for the gorgeous Frida actress, Salma Hayek to lose all that post baby weight(15 pounds) and get back in shape. This 5' 1'' stunner admits that it was hard work to get back in shape. She said that nursing mothers should be extra careful when it comes to working out a suitable diet and exercise program that will help them lose weight as well as help them continue breast feeding. Of course, she is definitely one very wise woman and let's see what is the Salma Hayek diet and exercise regimen all about.


Salma Hayek Diet Secrets!

To get some facts straight, Salma Hayek comes from a gymnastic background and does a lot of stretching and other exercises. She does not go to the gym but keeps herself physically active. She remained physically active even when she was pregnant with her daughter Valentina. A expectant mother should have a realistic goal of losing weight after the baby. This way, she will not be putting any unnecessary pressure and weight loss worry on herself.


A nursing mother will need 500 calories extra to feed the baby. A diet aiding weight loss must be designed around this basic fact. Breastfeeding mothers should have 5 to 6 meals that are high on vitamins from natural produce, nuts and seeds, dairy, lean protein, whole-grain carbohydrates and healthy fats. Salma Hayek's post partum diet is free of alcohol, caffeine, refined carbs, refined sugar and red meats and is inclusive of lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grain products.


Now that she has lost all her baby weight, she controls her diet portions. This way she will eat what she wants but still stay on top of it. As for exercises, she does push-ups, bench presses, plus dumbbell flys which are specific exercises work out her pectoral muscles. And keep those shapely buttocks firm, she does squats, dead lifts, and lunges that targets the butt muscles to help it look round and well-toned.


Final Word on the Salma Hayek Diet!

Salma Hayek has set the right example for all the new mothers who are looking at losing weight and at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, as a new mother or as an expectant mother, I suggest that you consult a doctor and a nutritionist before before going on a diet. It is very important to work on a diet that suits you and your lifestyle.


Good luck!


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Salma Hayek Diet