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Underactive Thyroid Foods to Avoid

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Many people are unaware that there are many underactive thyroid foods to avoid if they are suffering from hypothyroidism. This condition mainly affects the women in the age group of 40-50. The condition often inflicts several complications in the body and makes it difficult to follow a weight management. A proper lifestyle coupled with proper diet is as effective as any diet taken for curbing the hypothyroidism. You should know which are the foods to avoid for underactive thyroid and which are the foods to be consumed to curb it. This blog mainly concentrates on the foods to avoid for underactive thyroid.


Caffeine drinks


These drinks can make delicious comfort drinks but they can be harmful for the thyroid. They may suppress the thyroid function and worsen the underactive thyroid symptoms. If you are suffering from the situation then it is recommended to stay away from caffeine drinks.




Broccoli should be strictly avoided if you are suffering from underactive thyroid because they are rich in goitrogens which may aid in the development of goiter gland in the body and decrease the thyroid production.




This ingredient makes to the list of underactive thyroid foods to avoid because they are abundantly found in drinking water and the toothpaste both of which we can’t avoid. Fluoride works by blocking the iodine receptors in the thyroid gland and it hampers the iodine production which in turn affects the thyroid levels.




They make good crunchy snacks but their entry into the list of underactive thyroid foods to avoid can be justified with the very fact that they are rich in chemicals which interfere with the functioning of thyroid gland.


White Breads


They should be strictly avoided because they are made from bleached flours which deprive body of all necessary nutrients and lead to difficulties in insulin resistance and aggravate the hormonal problems.




It may add flavor to the food but reduces the iodine intake of the body which in turn affects the functioning of thyroid gland which will produced low amount of thyroid. The low thyroid production is often targeted as underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism.




They also fall into the league of goitrogenic foods and should be avoided at large because they may lead to goiter and hamper the thyroid production.


This list of underactive thyroid foods to avoid only gives a brief outline of which foods to avoid if you suffer from the condition. More items can be added to the list based on your personal experiences. 



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Underactive Thyroid Foods To Avoid