Type 2 Diabetes Foods To Avoid

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Type 2 Diabetes is normally defined as the condition where the body stops making use of the available insulin. The diabetics should know which type 2 diabetes foods to avoid for save themselves from complications such as heart failure, kidney failure, etc. Here are some foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes:





We think the nature of food itself is self explanatory as to why it is included in the list of type 2 diabetes foods to avoid. The availability of sugar in the food causes the blood sugar levels to rise. The person suffering from type 2 diabetes always stands the risk of encountering complications such as neuropathy, skin disorders, and kidney malfunctioning, retinopathy and foot ulcers. Also, the sugary foods tend to be high in calories which often the body find hard to digest.




Most of them are processed with starches and lots of sugar which again elevates the blood sugar levels. So, it is highly recommended that the person with type 2 diabetes should stay from the alcohol or limit themselves from having moderate consumption. The American Diabetes Association recommends that the men with type 2 diabetes should limit their alcohol intake to only 2 drinks a day and women should only go for one drink a day. In some studies it was proved that the moderate alcohol consumption benefited the people with T2DM but people who had too much alcohol were always at the receiving end and they heightened the chances of contracting heart disease by leaps and bounds.


Starchy Vegetables


By hearing the name vegetables many people may wonder why they are placed in the list of type 2 diabetes foods to avoid because the starch present in these vegetables are likely to act more like carbohydrates and elevate the bloods sugar levels. So, it is always better to stay away from vegetables such as potato, winter squash, peas, and sweet potato.




Fats deserve special mention in the list of foods to avoid for type 2 diabetes because they are normally perceived as trouble creators. The fats trigger obesity which worsen the diabetes and contribute to the risk factor of developing cancer, heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure. The ADA recommends that people prone to type 2 diabetes should cut down the saturated fats and totally avoid Tran’s fats. Instead they should go for the plant based derivatives.  


The diet for person suffering from type 2 diabetes is often planned according to their age, sex, personal preferences and other lifestyle habits but the above mentioned list of type 2 diabetes foods to avoid may work well for everyone uniquely.


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