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Migraine Foods To Avoid

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Many of the people are largely unaware of the fact there are several migraine foods to avoid especially if you suffer from hammering headaches. The migraine is generally identified with severe headaches which may occur regularly and affect the same portion of the head every time. Sometimes the symptoms may even extend to nauseating feeling, visual impairment etc. Many of the people think that it is induced by external factors which are true up to some extent but they mostly tend to forget that food is the root cause of all diseases. According to the American Dietetic Association the migraine is induced by foods that produce tyramine into the blood stream. The best way to rein controls over such debilitating head aches is by avoiding the foods that trigger the tyramine.


Foods to Avoid for Migraine


  • Aged Cheese and Canned Meat: They come in the first position in most of the list compiled to judge the migraine foods to avoid because most of the people around the world are addicted to atleast one of these foods. They release more tyramines than others and induce migraines. The American Dietetic Association recommends that people should avoid having foods that release more than 20 mg of tyramine into the bloodstream.


  • Caffeinated Drinks and Chocolates: They are placed in the list of migraine foods to avoid because caffeine is capable of hammering your head if you are already on the brink of experiencing a bout of sickening headache. The caffeine triggers the tyramine level in blood stream that causes headache. Even chocolates are known to have small amount of caffeine in them.


  • Alcoholic Beverages: They found entry into the list of foods to avoid for migraine because they are known to be rich in tannin and sulfite which are known to trigger tyramine content in the blood stream. The alcohol is known to have dehydrating effects which can further trigger the migraine.


  • Monosodium Glutamate: Many people may not know that this is a chemical which is commonly found in most of the jams. Yes, this chemical is used as the preservative and flavoring agent in most of the food items. This chemical is mostly added to the canned foods and highly processed foods. It is known to trigger migraines in many of the individuals. Also the migraine sufferers are vulnerable to aspartame an artificial sweetener which are commonly found in most of the packaged goodies.


  •  Nuts and Seeds: They are normally known as the powerhouse of nutrition but nuts and seeds are known to trigger migraines because they release large amount of tyramines into the blood stream.


The count of migraine foods to avoid never ends here and you need to be more careful about the above mentioned foods and their derivatives if positioned on the brink of experiencing hammering headaches. 


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Migraine Foods To Avoid