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5 A Day Fruits And Vegetables

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There will be very few people who wouldn’t be aware of the 5 a day fruits and vegetables theory advocated by dieticians, food networks etc. Even though all of us are aware of the importance fruits and vegetables for a great health, how many of us actually follow the 5 a day fruits and vegetables concept? Before I tell you some quick tips to incorporate five a day fruits and vegetables concept, let me brief you on what is the core of the whole concept.


The 5 a day fruits and vegetables for better health campaign was initiated by the WHO to convinces people to include at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in their daily meal.  


So why should you opt this? Fruits and veggies are highly nutritious. They taste good. They are easy to be prepared. They are enticing treats for your eyes, your nose and palate. These are indeed fast foods in the truest of the senses. And what more, you can choose the frozen and canned variants of fruits and veggies to relish daily.


While there are countless options from which you can choose from to meet the 5 a day vegetables and fruits requirement, the low carb fruits and veggies would be a better choice.  Check out some cool ways to include five a day fruits and veggies in your daily meal.


5 Deliciously Easy Ways To Include Five A Day Fruits And Vegetables


  • Include fruit, preferable whole ones, as part of your breakfast.
  • Choose a vegetable or fruits snack daily.
  • Store dried, frozen and/or canned fruits and vegetables.
  • Have a visibly admirable collection of fruits and veggies at your home.
  • Choose steamed/raw veggies for your lunch/dinner.


Enticing Ways To Include 5 A Day Fruits & Veggies From 9 to 5


The life is now 9 to 5. In the hectic life, you always look towards ‘fast foods’ to satiate your hunger pangs and taste. What else can be better than a healthy snack of fruits/veggies. Check out some interesting ways to munch on these healthy fast foods, at the same time meet the 5 serving daily requirement.


  • Choose a banana, orange, apple or pear as your mid-day snack.
  • Choose to munch on baby carrots, bell pepper slices, celery and broccoli instead of your burgers and pizzas.
  • Opt for a readymade salad instead of salted crackers.
  • Choose spinach leaves, tomatoes, peppers, and onions as pizza topping.
  • Turn your waffle toast/pancakes healthier with berries, bananas and brightly-hued fruits.
  • Choose dried fruits, in smaller quantities, over cheese balls or deep-fried peanuts and potato chips.
  • Stir fresh or frozen vegetables into your pasta, noodles, or omelet.
  • Relish on the smoothies prepared using berries, ice, and yogurt.


So these were few tips to ensure that you stick to the 5 a day fruits and vegetables concept. Try now for a colorful and healthy life!

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5 A Day Fruits And Vegetables