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Lactose Intolerance Foods To Avoid

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If you are suffering from lactose intolerance that means your body is unable to digest the milk sugar. This is caused due to lack of an enzyme called lactase. Under such circumstances, you should be very particular and clear about which foods to avoid for lactose intolerance. The person suffering from lactose intolerance may experience nausea, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and sometimes severe abdominal cramping after eating dairy products. This blog focuses on such foods that cause harm to people who are suffering from lactose intolerance.


Foods to Avoid for Lactose Intolerance

  • Milk: This is the most important amongst the lactose intolerance foods to avoid because it contains highest amount of lactose than any other dairy product. Powdered milk has highest number of lactose (62 gm)/cup, followed by sweetened condensed milk (40gm), evaporated milk (24 gm), chocolate milk (11gm), and butter milk (10gm). If you want to consume the milk then go for the milk variants that serve you lowest amount of lactose like the buttermilk, etc.


  • Cheese: Many of the lactose intolerant people find it difficult to refuse a platter of cheese and they do find it difficult to accept it in the list of lactose intolerant foods to avoid. If the cheese consumption is limited to 1 oz at time then there are very few chances of the body reacting in a adverse way. But unfortunately we tend getting hooked to cheese and start spreading it over every known food ingredient and body starts behaving in a very abnormal manner. It is here the discretion comes into use you need to go for cheese which are low fat and encompass low calories.


  • Whey: This is nothing but a leftover milk protein that remains after the production of cheese. Many food manufacturers produce the lactose free version of whey which is known as whey isolate. If you are going for a particular brand of whey based protein supplement then don’t forget to check the lactose content.


  • Cream: This is one of the foods that deserve a special mention as one of the prime foods to avoid for lactose intolerance. Cream in any form chokes lactose, which means there is no escape from this form.


  • Baked goodies: How can baked goodies become part of the foods to avoid for lactose intolerance. Then the answer comes on heels that the breads, cakes, buns, pancakes, cookies, waffles, biscuits, pies, and doughnuts all are made with butter and milk. Thus, they make it to this list of foods to avoid for lactose intolerance.


Wading off the situation of lactose intolerance is more a matter of discretion than anything else.



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Lactose Intolerance Foods To Avoid