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Anxiety Foods to Avoid

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When we hear of Anxiety most of the people think of seeking medical help rarely they think of knowing which anxiety foods to avoid. A well –balanced diet is also a key to elevated mind. If you are suffering from bouts of uneasiness and restlessness then you need to go slow about certain foods. We are hereby furnishing the list of foods to avoid for anxiety.




Alcohol: During the times of mental unrest most of the people tend to turn towards alcohol for resort. In fact the alcohol is one of those anxiety foods to avoid if you suffer from severe bouts of mood swings because they may calm the brain temporarily but they increase the hypersensitivity and increase your alertness, which will leave you more  eager and restless than before.


Sugar: This is another ingredient which is associated with the hyperactivity. The sugar is notorious for inducing mood swings. So if you have too much sugar in form of starch then it breaks down into alcohol and increases the stress and anxiety levels  leaving you restless than before.


Salt: How is salt related to anxiety? Why is it placed in the list of foods to avoid for anxiety? Yea, salt deserves to be in the list of anxiety foods to avoid in case of restlessness. Salt gives new dimension to our taste senses.  But if taken in large amounts then it boost the level of potassium in the body, thereby hammering the nervous system. The nervous system starts reacting in a very awkward manner by raising the blood pressure levels. The increased blood pressure levels further act by inducing the anxiety like situations. Now, you may agree with our choice to include salt in the list of foods to avoid for anxiety.


Caffeine: This is a natural stimulant and there is no need to say that it can heighten the levels of anxiety and stress if you are suffering from anxiety. The caffeine is also capable of bringing out panic attacks if the person is suffering from severe pangs of anxiety.


Carbonated Drinks: Carbonated drinks can curb the restlessness of your throat during the scorching summer months.  But they are enough to aggravate the restless vibrations in brain with their high sugar content. If you dolling between the bad mood swings and restlessness then try your maximum best to stay away from the carbonated drinks.  That is the reason why they made it to the list of anxiety foods to avoid.


Anxiety is not a disorder it is only a brief state of restlessness, and you can curb it by eating right and thinking right. 


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Anxiety Foods To Avoid