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Yeast Infection Foods To Avoid

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Yeast Foods To Avoid

Yeast Infections, which are normally observed in the digestive tract, mouth, or vagina, are caused by yeast like pathogenic fungi known as Candida. The knowledge of  yeast infection foods to avoid will help relieve you of the Cadida symptoms like heavy stomach, abdominal cramps, fatigue and mood swings.


Here is the list of foods to be avoided during yeast infection:


Fatty Meats: The processed meats and meats extracted from different organs of animals are normally are normally choked with saturated fats. These fats may accentuate the discomfort caused by yeast infection. So, it is strictly recommended that such fatty meats and other animal derivatives should be replaced with fish or natural plant based alternatives.


Artificial Sweeteners: We thought of placing them in the list of yeast infection foods to avoid because there is hardly any food around which is not made up of at least one or the other type of artificial sweetener. In recent times these artificial sweeteners are substituted as the sweet and cheap replacement for the regular cane sugar. These sweeteners enrich the taste of the food but they may contribute to the severity of yeast infections too. So, the next time if you are suffering from severe bout of yeast infection then it’s clear where to make the cuts.


Yeast containing foods: The foods having yeasts should be taken seriously while considering the foods to avoid for yeast infection. Some of the foods like peanuts, and alcohol pack in large concentrations of yeast. The packets of peanuts and nuts which have been left uneaten may serve as the budding ground for the yeast to grow. Even alcohol derivatives like wine, beer or vinegar – are also known to support the growth of Candida.


Enriched Flour: This is a type of flour which is mainly added to the food products to increase their bulk, and shelf life. This flour variant is devoid of any real nutrients and is mostly added to breads, snacks, and morning breakfast cereals to. If taken in large amounts this new age flour variant can do more harm than good. They also shoot up the weight and foster the conditions suitable for the development of yeast infections. It is always good to check the labels before buying the foods that have enriched flour.


Milk and Cheese: They are always present on the list of foods to avoid for yeast infections because they have high concentration of saturated fat which contributes to the yeast infection in some people. If you are allergic to lactose products then you stand the risk of contracting the yeast infections.


The above are only some of the yeast infection foods to avoid, you can identify more based on your experiences. Avoiding yeast infection is more a matter of right food choices than anything else.



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Yeast Infection Foods To Avoid