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Bloating Foods to Avoid

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At times, you might have felt that stomach has turned heavy after eating certain food or foods this condition is exactly known as bloating. In order to avoid such a situation you need to know which bloating foods to avoid. The foods that may harm one person may not harm the others but there are certain foods which cause bloating in most of the individuals.


Following are some of the foods to avoid for bloating:


Sugar Processed Alcohols: They are popular by the names such as maltilol, xylitol, and often hidden within most of the energy bars, candies, and cookies that we eat today. Most of these foods items laced with sugar processed alcohols are not absorbed by the GI tract and add to the belly line. They cause abdominal discomfort in the form of flatulence, diarrhea, and bloating.


Carbonated Drinks: Scotching summer heats often tempt us to reach out for a bottle of carbonated drink. In hurry of guzzling down the drink, we rarely pause to thing that these bubbles will add to our waist line or they will trigger the gas in stomach. So, the next time when you plan to reach out for your favorite brand of drinks wait for a minute to think, “Isn’t it one of the foods to avoid for bloating”.


Fried Goodies: When munching on our favorite French fries or other fried goodies we rarely think that they are laced with MUFA . These fatty acids add to the visceral belly line and cause discomfort which can be identified as a form of bloating. That is why we thought of placing it in the list of bloating foods to avoid.


Spicy Foods: Indeed, they tickle the taste buds but they deserve to be in the list of bloating foods to avoid. The spices like pepper, hot sauces, garlic, nutmeg, cloves, catsup, vinegar, horseradish, barbecue sauce all cause bloating because they release stomach acids which irritate the GI lining and cause irritation.


Acidic Beverages: Most of us tend to start our day with a cup of coffee or tea because they stimulate our senses and energize us to prepare for a day. However, these drinks are good for health and mind only when consumed in moderate amounts. Frequent or excessive consumption of such drinks is known to irritate the GI tract and bring out the swelling.


As said before the foods that may harm one person may be fine for the other. It is totally your discretion to choose which foods to avoid if you have bloating.


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Bloating Foods To Avoid