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Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu

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Diabetes Type 2 Diet MenuDiabetes Type 2 requires balancing food and blood sugar to lead a healthy life without diabetes associated health problems. Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu had been formulated as a bible for people with diabetes, who can follow these healthy and tasty recipes, without being deprived of enjoying food all the time. The menus have been put together keeping in mind carbohydrate management with menu planning spread across important meals of the day, sans fat and sugars. Here is a great list of diabetes 2 diet menu which can help you in keeping sugar levels under control.


Foods To Avoid If You Are Suffering From Diabetes 2





Low Fat Milk, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese


Brown Rice


Lean Meat

Bread and cereal

Egg White




 Basic Omelet

Include the goodness of variety of dietary enriched food items into your breakfast menu list to keep you full for long. Basic omelet, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, skim milk, breakfast steaks and cabbage roll are variety of good choices for the first meal of the day. Made with diabetes friendly ingredients, you will gain energy and attain required fiber with these delicacies. Lemonade Tea, Spiced Coffee, Tomato Juice and Premium Juice are beverage choices to delight.



 Toasted Tortillas

Being diabetes doesn’t mean that you have to refrain from tasty menus. Toasted Tortillas, Quick Egg Soup, Cantaloupe bowl, Spaghetti with Wild Mushroom Sauce can be prepared easily at home and control blood sugar level. These lunch menus are a combination of carbs, vegetables and fats to keep the sugar levels steady.



 Steak Supper

Dinner should be kept light and filling including a good blend of protein meats, fruits, vegetables, vegetarian and non vegetarian delights. Stuffed prunes, Garlic Bites, Crab Chowder, Steak Supper, and Baked egg are supremely delightful supper dishes that can spice up your platter. Complete the meal with friendly desserts like Ricotta Cheese Pudding and Pineapple Au Choclat.


Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu provides best choices for different delicacies ideal for diabetes patients. These menus contradict the concept of rigid diabetes diet and serve a platter of a healthy diet plan.  


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Diabetes Type 2 Diet Menu