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Hyperthyroidism - Foods To Avoid

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This blog talks in length about the hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism – foods to avoid .


For those who don’t know hyperthyroidism is a condition where the thyroid glass starts producing the thyroid in excess amounts. The disease is also known as hypothyreosis.  It is normally caused due to inflammation of the thyroid gland.


Coming to the foods to avoid for hyperthyroidism,  we can say that the foods laced with goitrogen are not considered to be good to consume. Goitrogens are the chemicals which influence the functioning of thyroid glands and block it from producing the thyroid hormone properly.  If the thyroid level gets lower,  the sufferer stands with good chance of developing goiter, or enlarged thyroid tissue. The foods containing goitrogen should not be eaten raw during the treatment of the disease.


Following is the list of the hyperthyroidism foods to avoid:

  • Cabbage and related veggies: They top the list of foods to avoid for hyperthyroidism. Vegetables like broccoli, rutabaga, Brussels sprouts, peanuts, and watercress are found to be high in goitrogen. And if eating raw they can affect the thyroid production. In most of the cases it is always good to eat these foods cooked. Also, soyabeans and raw nuts should be as much avoided as possible. But you can always rely on peanut butter because it is heated to such high degree that the goitrogens are destroyed.


  • Soy Products: They are found to be high on goitrogens. Normally the soy and related products are suggested for women approaching their menopause age. The natural estrogen present in soy is known to help out women with their late 40’s issues but they are also warned to look out for their hyperthyroidism. The goitrogens in soy work overtime to suppress the thyroid functioning.


  • Milk and Dairy Products: Thyroid uses thyroxin to produce a protein known as casein. Casein is one of the abundant elements found in the milk products. The milk is always projected as the wonder food for the person of any age but if doesn’t gets absorbed into the blood stream then it generates lots of mucus which possess the tendency to hinder the functioning of the thyroid gland. The casein present in the cow’s milk is considered to be more concentrated than the ones in mother’s milk. The casein proportions in the cow’s milk can be altered by pasteurizing or boiling at high temperature.


  • Refined sugar: How can sugar make it to the list of foods to be avoided for hyperthyroidism? We often tend to hear this question then the answer lies in the fact that high intake of sugar always develops risk for damaging or destroying the thyroid glands.


  • Seaweed: Some of you may disagree with our decision to place this seaweed in the hyperthyroidism foods to avoid because it is normally considered that seaweed is good for thyroid. Yea, that’s true upto some extent.  Small amount of seaweed will do well to thyroid but if consumed in excess then things may go awry. The seaweed and kelp are rich in iodine and their overconsumption is enough to halt the functioning of thyroid gland.


The above list of foods to avoid for hyperthyroidism may work for everyone uniquely because the foods are either rich in goitrogen or iodine.


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Hyperthyroidism - Foods To Avoid