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Kristin Cavallari Diet

Kristin Cavallari Diet

Some of you might be wondering what could be Kristin Cavallari's diet. I'm not surprised at all at your curiosity considering the fact that this 24 year old has one of the best bikini bodies in town. Not this town, but of the Tinsel town. Kristin Cavallari is known for her starring roles in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and of course The Hills. Kristin is definitely one of the television actresses that one has to watch out for. So let's check out the Kristin Cavallari diet and what she does to keep herself in that super shape.


Kristin Cavallari Diet Secrets:

Ms.Cavallari seems to be a firm believer of tough love. She believes that without any pain, there will be no gain. She takes a circuit training class called as Burn 60. It is supposedly very intense and at the end of the class one is just dripping with sweat. She says that the training almost kills you only to present you with a brand new, sexy body. Kristin Cavallari was quoted saying, “Once you see results, you want to maintain them and you want to keep it going and that makes you want to go to the gym.” So, I'm guessing that her circuit training class must be giver her the best results.


When it comes to her diet, I'm told that she controls what she eats strictly for 6 days and allows herself eat her favorite foods on the 7th day. This is not new, many celebrities follow this in Hollywood.


Final Word on the Kristin Cavallari Diet:

Though I know that she controls her diet, I do not know what exactly she is eating. But to get a beach body like hers, one has to eat food that fight fats. This means that your diet has to be rich in minerals and proteins. Fish, bananas, asparagus, and pears are some excellent fat burning foods. Doing crunches may work for some people while for others it will give no result. Doing whole body cardio workouts will effectively burnout fat than crunches. Eating 5 to 6 small meals during the day will prevent food carving and will keep your metabolism boosted. Avoid talking while eating as it traps air in your intestines and well as chewing gum while working out. Trapped air will make you look bloated. Reduce your sodium intake and drink a plenty of water.


Circuit training is an excellent and surefire way to burn out fat uniformly throughout the body. Go for it. Get up, get out, and shape up!


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Kristin Cavallari Diet