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G6Pd Deficiency Foods to Avoid

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Before going into details of the G6Pd deficiency foods to avoid, it’s very important to know what is G6Pd and how is it caused? The G6Pd is a kind of Glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. It is normally passed on as the genetic disorder. It mutates the function of red blood cells and causes the complications. The people affected with this disorder may be subjected to hemolytic anemia if they are subjected to some infections, foods, or medicines.  Ifood research has proved that following are some of the foods to avoid for G6Pd deficiency:

  • Menthol Flavored Foods: We chose to began our scrutiny of G6Pd deficiency foods to avoid with menthol because this is something most of us find it difficult to avoid them. They are normally found in the mouthwash that we use to gums, paste, and candies. These items are  to be normally avoided because they are known to trigger the deficiency.


  • Fava Beans: Also, known as broad beans they are not recommended for people suffering G6pd deficiency because they may trigger the symptoms which may aggravate the disease. These beans are also not recommended for nursing mothers who stand at risk of having babies who may contract the syndrome due to past genetical history.


  • Soya or Soy based foods: They prominently feature in various G6pd foods to avoid because they are always laced in one or the other form of additives which are known to trigger the symptoms of G6pd deficiency. The deficiency is sometimes known as favism. Also, these beans have been associated with anemic conditions since the time immemorial. However, not all G6Pd patients may react positively to these beans but major of them are at the risk of developing the symptoms which will aggravate their situation from bad to worse.


  •  Legumes: Like beans they are also believed to be responsible for inducting G6pd deficiency.  Like Fava beans and soya based foods they are also known to produce free radicals which result in G6pd deficiency. It is normally recommended that people suffering from G6pd should stay away from legumes like beans and black beans etc.


  • Peanuts:  You may think peanuts in the list of G6pd foods to avoid?? Yea, you have heard it true peanuts should be considered as one of the prime foods that should be avoided if you or anyone near to you is found to be suffering from G6pd. They aggravate the symptoms of disease and their regular consumption by individuals suffering G6pd deficiency may end up showing anaemia and haemolysis.


  • Food Coloring : Artificial food coloring consists of toluidine blue and methylene. These chemicals were known to induce the G6pd or related allergic symptoms, which may aggravate in some rare cases like itching sensation in sensitive body parts etc.


The list of G6pd deficiency foods to avoid may run into several pages because people may be allergic ot different foods or food groups but they can always be cautious about the above mentioned foods. 


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G6Pd Deficiency Foods To Avoid