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Cholesterol Food Chart

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Cholesterol diet Chart

We should know about Cholesterol chart food list from authentic source. Knowing cholesterol food chart is one of the best ways to keep a tight control on your cholesterol count. We often get confused about the count of cholesterol in our daily diet and may do wrong assumption in making our healthy diet menu. The simple calculation of forming a cholesterol conscious diet is to avoid the food which triggers bad cholesterol and indulging on these heart friendly foods, which are reliable source of friendly HDL cholesterol.


While making cholesterol restricted diet, cholesterol chart food list works perfectly fine as great reference. However dietary cholesterol is the source of forming blood cholesterol therefore indulging low cholesterol food chart in diet plan may help them to control their cholesterol count in blood with long term effect.

Tips to Plan Cholesterol Diet


The cholesterol food chart given here is the guideline for making an effective cholesterol diet plan


Foods allowed

Allowed in moderation

Foods not allowed




Green vegetables

Baked products with sugar substitutes

Eggs, Red Meat

Lean meat

Fat-free ice cream


Fresh fruits

Dry fruits


Low-fat dairy products

Low fat dairy milk products

Ghee, Butter, cheese

Skin removed chicken and turkey


Cottage cheese

High-fat dairy products

Whole grain foods

Butter, Mayonnaise


Fat-free foods


Alcoholic beverages

Oils with MUFA like Olive oil


Carbonated drinks



Baked products

Natural Oatmeal


Beef produces

Fibrous foods



Double toned milk


Processed meats due to sodium content

Fruit juice without preservatives


Dark Chocolate



Whipped cream



Dried coconut



Ice cream



Nuts and seeds



Sweets and fast foods

Awareness about cholesterol chart food is the friendliest way of keeping a tight control on blood cholesterol level.  Once you will be at your ease maintaining a health friendly diet, you r health will turn your best friend. Low cholesterol foods not only help in maintaining healthy heart, it is good for maintaining active kidney and healthy liver as well.

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Cholesterol Food Chart