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Cheryl Cole Diet


Cheryl Cole, Baby Food Diet

Cheryl Cole is one gorgeous English singer, songwriter, dancer, and model, with an alomost 'Barbie-doll' like figure. On that curvaceous note, let's check out the Cheryl Cole diet. After all, we need to know what makes her look so sensational.



What is the Cheryl Cole diet?

Some time back Cheryl Cole was on the Blood Type diet and then one day she passed out due to the lack of vital nutrients in that diet. And now that she is the X Factor USA judge along with Simon Cowell, she is trying out Tracy Anderson's Baby Food Cleanse Diet to look extra good. Now, Tracy Anderson is a Hollywood trainer who is known to have worked with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. She came out saying, “I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity and break bad habits but still have your digestive system going”. Hence the Baby Food Cleanse Diet


As per the Baby Food Cleanse Diet, one can apparently have 14 serving of pureed baby food before a regular adult sized dinner. On typical day, the baby food diet could be a blend of apricot, sweet potato, carrot, orange and asparagus. The dinner will be something like grilled lean meat with several servings of green vegetables. Tracy Anderson claims that by eating 14 portion controlled servings, the dieter will never feel any hunger pangs and yet continue losing weight. This is because of the popular notion that baby food has a good mix of carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats, minus the sugar.


Final Word on the Cheryl Cole Diet!

Celebrities make anything look easy but extreme diets are crazy. I will not sing praises of Tracy Anderson and I will not recommend any diet by Tracy Anderson no matter how healthy it claims to be. None of Tracy Anderson's diets have been FDA authorized as most of her diet have only 700kcal or less, much below the minimum required per day. I'm not sure how nutrient rich this diet is and it lacks some serious fiber. When there isn't enough fiber in the diet, there will be constipation. Moreover, scientists advise us to have solid food over liquid food. This is because, only when we bite food, we will feel full.


Extreme diets like this will definitely help you lose weight but they are not the permanent solution to weight loss. To lose weight and to maintain weight, one has to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. There are no shortcuts to a great body. And if you must cleanse your system, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables.


Mazel Tov!


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Cheryl Cole Diet