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Weekly Diet Menu

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Weekly Diet Menu

If you are striving for weight loss or looking forward to stay fit and healthy, but have no fair idea about the weekly diet menu to follow, here comes help for you. Most of the menu cited here are low in calorie, nutrition rich  with good amount of food value to help you lose weight and evade heart problems, obesity, and diabetes in the long run.

Few Weekly Diet Menu Tips Before your Start

  • Try to stick to having a regular breakfast religiously everyday, preferably cereals avoiding anything that is high in sugar content.
  • Opt for a healthy lunch with home-made diet menus for maintaining a good weight and evading outside food joints.
  • Have dinner sometime before sleeping time and don’t indulge in junk and processed food items before going to bed.


Monday Diet Menu

 Chicken Breast

Include four grain cereal for breakfast and tea/coffee without sugar. Go for a baked Tuna sandwich and Ham and rice salad for lunch. Enjoy Fruit salad or a glass of fresh apple juice in between. Wrap up the day with dinner including grilled chicken breast, baked potato and crunchy salad.


Tuesday Diet Menu

 Carrot Soup

Start your day with a Peanut Buttered Toast. Enjoy a luncheon sandwich for lunch and a chicken salad with it. Have Spaghetti with peas for dinner but in average quantity without any heavy sauce. Also include Chicken Kiev, braised broccoli and carrot soup for dinner.

Wednesday Diet Menu

Seafood Platter 

You can have porridge for breakfast with skim milk. Fish vegetable salad and steamed egg can be perfect for aftrenoon. Seafood platter, lamb chops and steamed brown rice can bring a good end to the day.


Thursday Diet Menu

Fruit and Yogurt
Skimmed milk, muesli and a bowl of fresh fruit can be included on the fourth day of weekly diet menu. Baked potato and baked beans topped with cheese will be ideal for lunch. Roast beef, Fruit and yogurt, Yorkshire pudding and garden salad can bring life to your dinner platter.


Friday Diet Menu

Whole Wheat Pita

Breakfast with 1 whole wheat tortilla with a low calorie filling and low fat yogurt. Lunch with 1 whole wheat pita and roasted turkey breast. Dinner with broiled flounder, stuffed tomatoes, steamed broccoli and fat free pudding.

Saturday Diet menu

Garden Salad

Low fat Muffin and smoothie can give a good start to your day. Enjoy for lunch steaming hot soup and vegetable burger. For dinner, have baked beans , chicken barbeque and garden salad.


Sunday Diet Menu

Grilled Salmon with herb and lemon sauce

Have a balanced breakfast with oatmeal and a fresh fruit juice of your choice. Grilled vegetable, chicken salad  and veggie burger  can be great low calorie lunch choices. Make your dinner perfect with Garden fresh couscous salad  Grilled Salmon with herb and lemon sauce  and Fresh cut fruit salad with low fat yogurt. 

Even before you release you will see the pounds melt away with these healthy weekly diet menu ideas at your disposal.

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Weekly Diet Menu