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Ulcers Foods To Avoid

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If you have ulcers then doctors may advice you to tailor your diet which ulcers foods to avoid such that it goes slow on stomach. for digestive well being The experts at NIH (National Institutes of Health) are of the opinion there are certain ulcer foods to avoid in general and you should be very careful about it, but that doesn’t means you should follow a tailored diet. Here are some of the foods to avoid for ulcers:


Caffeine, Alcohol and Carbonated Drinks
Many of the caffeine and alcohol based drinks are not considered to be good for many of the diseases and the same go for the ulcers too. These drinks are laced with chemicals that encourage acid production and slow down the digestive process. This acidic production can aggravate the ulcers in stomach.


Acidic Foods
It was reported in a study by the “Medical Clinics of North America” that acidic foods should be placed in high pedestal in the list of ulcer foods to avoid. The food products like jams, jellies and fruits like oranges, lemon, grapefruit, which consists citric acid may encourage excess acidic secretion in stomach and upset the stomach lining. These factors encourage the growth of ulcers in the stomach.


Spicy Foods
Mayo clinic has placed spicy foods in the supreme position in the list of foods to avoid for ulcer. They have recommended that people who are suffering from stomach ulcer should avoid eating spicy foods because they increase the production of stomach acid and sets off the acid reflux.  


This ingredient is often projected as a wonder spice or wonderful flavoring agent. It contains strong acids which induces a special flavor into the food and is recommended as a part of medicinal diet too. But the health experts strongly advise against it if you are suffering from bowel related problems. The garlic increases the acidity and nudges the stomach lining. The chemical content of the garlic encourages the atmosphere suitable for the growth of ulcers.


You can also count upon them in the list of ulcer foods to avoid. Tomatoes are slightly acidic, so health experts suggest that they are best if avoided if you are suffering from ulcers. The acids in tomatoes can irritate the stomach lining and aggravate the ulcers.


Chocolate and Milk
Some say that chocolate and milk is soothing for the stomach and heals the ulcers. But in reality eating chocolate may flare up the ulcers and at times also cause heartburns.  So, cutting the chocolate and milk may help in curbing the ulcers.


Fried Foods
Even if you are suffering from ulcer or not it is good to stay away from fried foods. The fried foods upset the stomach lining, and slow down the digestive process and flare up the ulcers. At times it also aggravates the heartburn and also induces gastroesophaegal reflux.


The list of ulcer foods to avoid may prolong depending on your tryst with the disease.  


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Ulcers Foods To Avoid