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Mediterranean Diet Menu

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Mediterranean Diet MenuMediterranean Diet Menu can aid long life and keep heart problems, cancer and diabetes at bay. The Mediterranean Diet Menu is based on the traditional diets followed in Mediterranean countries. The diet is rich in fiber, fats, colorful fruits, nuts and fresh vegetables. The diet has been developed by health professionals for dieters considering the easy to follow method, variation in menu, mainly prepared using fresh ingredients. Apart from facilitating good health, the recommended Mediterranean diet menu sample can also help in losing weight.


Food to take and avoid



Restricted Intake

Virgin Olive oil



Red Meat








Mediterranean Diet Menu - The Guide To Good Health


Mediterranean Soup

Mediterranean Soup


This delicious soup forms an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine. This appetizer has some exotic flavors and fragrance and can be easily prepared.


Mediterranean Spring Salad

Mediterranean Spring Salad

Prepared with mixed vegetables, this salad blends varied kinds of vegetables with feta cheese, herbs, olive oil and lemon juice. 


Mediterranean Seafood Salad

Mediterranean Seafood Salad

For people who prefer non vegetarian foods, would be addicted to this seafood appetizer made with variety of seafood varieties and deliciously flavored. 


Mediterranean OmeletMediterranean Omelet


A very uniquely prepared omelet, this tasty dish can be a delightful breakfast option with herbs, cheese, eggs, mushroom and margarine.


Green Beans


Mediterranean Green Beans is a delicious side dish complimenting any main course dish of your choice.


Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers


Exquisitely made Stuffed Peppers can be savored as main dish. The fresh blending of vegetables makes this a mouth watering dish.




Hamburgers are liked by all and this Mediterranean non vegetarian delight is extremely likeable. Plenty of cheese and goodness of meat makes it just yummy.


Mediterranean Chicken

Mediterranean Chicken

Chicken roasted with various spices makes this easy recipe delightful to savor.


So make a difference in your life with this recommended Mediterranean Diet Menus. Each Mediterranean diet menu sample presented here are deliciously healthy, simple and easy to make.


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Mediterranean Diet Menu