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Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

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Mango Ice CreamPeople with variation in cholesterol levels should avoid some foods.  Knowing which cholesterol foods to avoid is an important part of the treatment, say most of the health practioners.  Generally it is believed that the foods derived from animals only add up to the cholesterol which is true for some extent, but there are other foods too  that do more harm than the regular cholesterol  inducing foods.


Here are some of the foods to avoid for cholesterol:




The cheeseburgers served at most of the fast food joints are found to be high in cholesterol.  These cheeseburgers are laced with beefs and other saturated fats that add sum up the cholesterol levels. That’s why cheeseburgers are placed ahead of any other food in most of the list that about cholesterol foods to avoid.


Macaroni and Cheese


Macaroni and cheese are loaded with saturated fats that aid in increasing the cholesterol levels. The macaroni and cheese if consumed in large quantities can increase the level of LDL by snubbing the HDL. With little persuasion this all American comfort food can be modified in a better way by substituting 1 % milk and evaporated milk for whole milk and butter. In this way it will just have half of the fats than traditional one. Then you don’t need to perceive it as one of the creepy foods to avoid for cholesterol.


Ice Cream


Ice cream also stands high in the list of cholesterol foods to avoid if you don’t want to suffer anymore. According to estimates a single cup of ice cream delivers more fat and cholesterol than 10 glazed nuts.

If you are struggling with your cravings for the dessert then go for a cup of frozen fruits. They may deliver the same effect as the ice cream.




Some may totally disagree with the inclusion of this dessert in the list of anti-cholesterol foods because the English muffins are considered to be healthier than their American counterparts. But many of the times muffins are stuffed with fats that simply elevate the cholesterol levels to new heights.  If you are very particular about your muffins then go for whole wheat muffins.




Seafood and in the list of cholesterol foods to avoid?! Yes, not all seafood or their derivatives are good to our body. The seafood’s like lobsters are really bad for health. They serve loads of cholesterol before you dip them in butter. But broiled lobsters are better than the fried ones.  So, be very careful and particular about the seafood that you eat. Do a better research to identify the ones that may not work for you.




Chicken is normally considered as low fat meat option but nutritionists suggest that skin or leg of the chicken have more fats than hamburger or ice cream. The dark chicken meat squares more fat and cholesterol than the white ones.  To be on the safer side go for the bone less, skin less chicken preparations.


By now you might have known which cholesterol foods to avoid and how to improvise on them even if you wish to eat them.  


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Cholesterol Foods To Avoid