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7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

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A diet plan needs to take into consideration numerous factors - such as an individuals age, sex, lifestyle, activity levels and so on. The ideal diet plan should work towards fostering a persons health goals in the best possible manner.

seven day healthy eating plan with fruits

7 day healthy eating plan is a well known diet plan and it is meant for quick weight loss. However, one of the prime issues of this diet plan is it has to be healthy and balanced one. The 7 day healthy eating plan is advisable only for those who enjoy sound general health. Any person who is under medical guidance should crosscheck with the doctor before going ahead with this seven day healthy eating plan.

Tips For Planning Seven Day Healthy Eating Plan

People love to go for this miracle diet plan to get rid of the excessive fast in an esy and painless way. But that doesn't mean that one should forgo the healthy and nutritious meal plans. Include fruits, raw veggies, lean fat and whole carbs in your diet plan for a healthy 7 day weight loss regimen.

Say Yes To Water

Water is indeed a miracle drink. Innumerable theories and experiments have proven the efficiency of water to help shedding the excessive fat. Detoxifcation and cleasning the body come as extra benefits. So include water, in adequate amounts, while being on this diet plan.

Eat Smaller Meals

Bid adieu to heavy meals, instead go for smaller portions. Instead of indulging in 2 to 3 heavy, large meals that leaves you lazy, choose 5 to 6 smaller portions. Try to eat in every 3 to 4 hours and for these choose the fiber-rich fruits and veggies. Along with enhancing your metabolic rate, intake of food in this way will boost the weight loss rate as well.

The Immediate Result Of Fruit Diet

  • Detoxification of digestive system, which ensures healthy working of system.
  • Due to natural fiber content fruits are wonderful fillers, they cut down hunger pang, and thus it checks the tendency of overeating.
  • Fruits are loaded with vitamins; fruit diets are immensely functional for balancing immunity order and energy level of body.
  • Along with fruits like apples, oranges, cherries, squash, watermelons, nutritious veggies like asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and carrots are ideally suitable for inclusion in 7 day healthy eating plan.

Emrace The Goodness Of Lean Fats & Proteins

Lean and low fat dairy items come with rich nutritional benefits. Low fat dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese and skimmed milk are good sources of calcium and protein. There are innumerable choics of protein for non-vegetarians. Choose salmon, lean meat like chicken, lamb, etc. to enjoy your diet plan in a protein rich-low fat way.

Build A Cordial Relation With Whole Grain Carbs

If you are planning to run on healthy Seven day healthy eating plan, include whole grain carbs in your diet. These easy to digest foods help in keeping the digestive system happy and smoothly active. Choose to include whole grain breads, brown rice, whole grain cereals, and pasta etc. in your meal for over all carbohydrate requirements.

At the EOD, the aim is to lose weight in a healthy way. So while opting for the 7 day healthy eating plan, the aim should be consume healthy and nutritious food while sticking on to a proper exercise regimen. Consult your dietician and doctor before taking this giant leap towards weight loss.

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7 Day Healthy Eating Plan