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Know Your Dieting Danger Zones

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Dieting danger zones are those elements that contribute to your poor food choices like television, stress, tension, leftovers of children food, computers, drinks, and fast food.


How To Go About Dieting Danger Zones?
It requires a strong will and determination from your side to stay away from regular food indulging habits. It may not be easy to refuse a drink or ignore the packet of fries, so instead of totally discarding them you can slowly try to limit the intakes. Nutritionist Lyndel Costain from the British Dietic Association says that a little indulgence is fine, but you need to know where to make stops. First thing you should do is to make a list of the danger zones , then plan for the ways to detach yourself from them. "Nothing is impossible" goes a popular saying, its true! Nothing is impossible till the time you really work hard to achieve it.


How To Curb Emotions Leading To Overeating?
As per the reports the emotions that trigger overeating falls into five main categories: Social, Emotional, Thoughts, Situational and Physiological. In the first place you need to identify exactly what emotions lead you to overeating and then how you can curb them. Whenever you feel like eating during any such emotional impulses try to chalk out activities that you can easily do instead of sulking about your helplessness. You can either go for a walk, read a book, play a game, talk to friend, practice deep breathing exercises or do any other pleasurable and leisurely activities.


How To Go About Food Choices?
Dr Mike Green, a specialist in the psychology of eating from Aston University, suggests that instead of avoiding the food altogether you can try to reduce the quantity intake. Or else you can try to find reasonable facsimiles. For example if you have cravings for the chocolate candies lying in the departmental stores shelf then you can perhaps try to find sugar free chocolate candies that give the same effect as your favorite candies. Similarly you can replace the fatty food items with less fattier and tastier food items available to you.


What If All My Efforts To Curb Eating Fail?
There are times when all your efforts to curb over eating falls, then instead of getting disappointed you try to find out new methods and perhaps still the thing doesn’t work then go for the experts help.


Working on your bad food habits may not be so easy, but once you identify your slip holes and work upon them, you can enjoy the benefits for a long time.


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Know Your Dieting Danger Zones