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Daily Diet Menu

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What To Eat In Daily Menu?



Not Allowed


Processed foods


Fried foods

Soups, Juice


Sweet Tomato Juice 

 Tomato juice

Sweet Tomato Juice is a healthy breakfast choice with the combination of tomato and some seasonings.

Spiral Sandwich


Spiral Sandwich

Make a good start to the day with spiral sandwich, a delicious morning menu blending turkey, garlic cheese spread and spinach. This is one dish you will get hooked to.


Black Rice Pudding

Black rice Pudding

Super healthy and delicious Black Rice Pudding is easy to make breakfast choice you can opt for your daily menu as it's loaded with prunes, coconut milk and of course black rice.


Carrot Apple Casserole

Combine the goodness of both fruits and vegetables with Carrot Apple Casserole. Enjoy carrot and apple in this low fat baked dish. If you haven’t tried this menu yet, now is the time.


Simple Salad


Enjoy a simple salad for lunch, a very easy recipe made with crunchy and fresh vegetables. Season with yogurt, black salt and pepper to spice up this great vegetable mix.


Almond Shake

An assortment of almonds and milk, Almond Shake is perfect refreshment at the middle of the day. This is a good way of including nuts in your daily menu.


Tortilla Soup

A rich soup blending varied kinds of vegetables, Tortilla Soup is a Mexican delight. The richness of the soup will make it savored again and again.


Potato Pancake

potato pancake

Potato Pancake is a wonderful main dish and sounds yummy to ears as well. Its very simple and easy to prepare, ensuring you enjoy daily delights in a jiffy.


Chicken Vegetable Salad

Chicken Vegetable Salad perfectly serves good amount of protein and vegetables into the platter. You can enjoy for dinner this crunchy salad mixing vegetable, chicken, almond and egg.


With such wonderful menus, its fiesta time for you to prepare quick and delighting daily diet menu. Prepare the nutritional low cal, low carb delights today and start eating healthy and enjoying food.


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Daily Diet Menu