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Low Carb Low Calorie Foods


Low carb low calorie foods are foods that have very less carbohydrates in them since they are usually prescribed in low-carbohydrate diet for people trying to control their weight or for treating obesity. Although there is no well researched proof to substantiate that low carb and low calorie foods necessarily makes you healthier, it is true that they help you shed weight. If that’s your main goal, plunge in and take low carb low calorie foods as mentioned below.

Low Carb Low Calorie Foods

The first thing to do is to find foods, low in fat and carbohydrates – both. Another thing to consider is that these foods will also have low level of protein and other necessary nutrients. These include low-sugar fruit, low-starch veggies, soups that are broth-based made with vegetables and lean meat, desserts (yes, indeed you can have desserts with low-sugar or ones made using sugar substitutes) and shirataki noodles. You might also want to consider avoiding food items like chips, crackers, doughnuts and pizza.


Here is the list of low carb low calorie foods:


  • Carrots rank first in the category of low carb low calorie foods because they literally have very less calories, despite being a powerhouse of many valuable nutrients. A carrot of 6 – 7 inches will give you 8gms of carbs.
  • Consider tomatoes in your diet since they are absolutely carbs free and filled with other good nutrients. A ripe, medium tomato will give you 7gms of carbs. And the best thing about carrots and tomatoes are that you can eat them as such, raw.
  • Another popular veggie, often features in the diet list is broccoli. This supernatural food is low in calories, only 8gms per medium stalk.
  • Include one cup of leafy green vegetables like spinach, lettuce and kale in your diet. They serve your nutritional needs, without adding up on calories.


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Low Carb Low Calorie Foods