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Low Calorie Healthy Meals

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Vegetable SaladLow calorie healthy meals are the best ways to stay fit and healthy forever. It is very important to consider the health benefit of each and every meal you eat. Eating healthy can prevent various health risks by strengthening the immune system of human being. On top of that, when you eat low calorie meals, you can avoid risks like obesity, high pressure, abnormal level of cholesterol and many more.


5 Low Calorie Healthy Meals Ideas


Salad is one of the most popular low calorie healthy meals ideas in today’s world. Most of the health conscious people make a point to consume salad at least once in a day. Salad can be made to be a healthy and filling meal, by increasing quantity and adding a number of ingredients. You can eat a big bowl of salad, without making a huge difference to your calorie intake. You can do numerous variations to prepare the salad.



When you use low calories items to prepare the sandwich. Steamed or cooked vegetables, steamed and cooked ground meat, low-calorie cheese products - all these can affect the health to a greater extent. Additionally add fresh salad and pickles to enhance the flavor of the dish. Sandwich or subs is just ideal for a healthy meal, provided you put fresh ingredients.



Salmon is one of the best items to encourage low calorie diet.  Bake or grill the salmon to prepare your low calorie dinner. Not only salmon, any kind of fish is less in calories but packed with plenty of nutrition. The fatty acid part of salmon is one of the best things to control the fat and calorie.



Properly cooked chicken in less oil or no oil can enhance the taste and reduce the calorie count of what you are supposed to enjoy. Bake chicken, grilled chicken or boiled chicken has comparatively low calorie count.



Tacos are also considered among the healthy low calorie meals. With the combination of vegetables, lean ground meat and whole wheat grain tortillas, the calorie count decreases rapidly. You can also enjoy the variation of tacos, by having different filling at a time.

If you can maintain to consume these low calorie food ideas for consecutive days, surely you are going to find a difference in your body weight.


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Low Calorie Healthy Meals