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Fruits And Vegetables For Diabetics

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Fruits for a diabetic

Fruits and vegetables for diabetics should be chsoen with a special care on the sugar content in them. There are some fruits and vegetables that contain more sugar than others and diabetics need to be wary of them. While healthy individuals can relish vegetables and fruits of their choice, but diabetics have a restricted choice. Read to know more about the diabetic fruits and vegetables.


The Good Diabteic Fruits & Vegetables


Almost all veggies, especially onions and garlic are highly recommended since they help control diabetes.  Green leafy vegetables contain manganese which is an important ingredient in controlling diabetes. Fruits that are not too high in fruit sugar like limes, apples, peaches and grapefruit are excellent for a diabetic.


The Bad Fruits & Vegetables


Potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, beans and beets are a strict no-no for a diabetic. With fruits, ones to avoid are watermelons, mangoes, sand apples, custard apples, bananas, dates and prunes.


Fruits and vegetables for diabetics should be ricn in fiber. Fiber is digested gradually and as a result blood sugar level rises very slowly. Fiber rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, oatmeal, zucchini, oranges and raisins aid reducing insulin dosage by 25 %.


Fruits and vegetables for diabetics are aplenty and they will rarely feel like they are on a restricted diet. Eat healthy, live longer.


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Fruits And Vegetables For Diabetics