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Jessica Simpson Diet

Jessica Simpson's Diet:

Jessica Simpson's weight is touching the 150 pound mark and I do agree that it is a bit ungainly for her 5 foot 3 frame. She loves Mexican food and has been having a lot of margaritas and all things fried. Jessica Simpson is currently engaged to Eric Johnson, a former NFL player. Eric is reportedly a vegan who is in top shape. So when they first began dating, Jessica was happy to oblige him by eating vegan food. But right now, a source had told the media that “But after a few months, she returned to her favorite home food — fried chicken, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.” Her fiancé is apparently uninspired by her body and has been putting a lot of pressure on her to lose it. Jessica Simpson's lack of a diet has caused some real loud fights between the couple.

Current Jessica Simpson's Diet Plan

Jessica Simpson has hired Tracy Anderson to help her shed some weight before the wedding. Tracy has worked with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. She would put her clients on a 700 calorie diet consisting of kale juice, super low carb wraps, broth-based soups and small amounts of low glycemic veggies, and make them do a lot of Pilates style workouts.

Final Word On Jessica Simpson's Current Diet Plan:

Tracy Anderson, the so called 'pint sized powerhouse' might actually get one back in shape. But Tracy Anderson's diet is not a FDA approved diet. Many have experienced black-outs and fatigue because of this diet as it has no nutrients at all. I will not recommend the Tracy Anderson diet at all for weight loss as it unhealthy.

And if you are going to lose weight, lose it for yourself in a healthy manner. Lose those extra pounds only because you want to stay healthy. Losing weight because your fiancé just threatened to call off the wedding is not a good thing. That is not right and you might want to reconsider your relationship.

And Jessica, the question that you should ask Eric Johnson is this, “Do you love me or do you just love my body?”

Good luck!

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Jessica Simpson Diet