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Just like Christian Bale, I have seen Brad Pitt in different body masses. I have seen a lean muscular Brad Pitt in movies like Fight Club and Benjamin Button, and I have seen a beefed up Brad Pitt in movies like Troy. No matter what his size was, his muscles were always well defined. And because many women desire Brad Pitt, many men are willing to follow the Brad Pitt diet and work out regimen to get a body like him. Good luck with that boys! To help you with your goals, let me give you some insight into what he does or did to look that good.                                                   


Brad Pitt Diet Secrets:

Of all the celebrity workouts, I like this Brad Pitt's the best. He had a very ulterior motive for shaping up for Troy. He wanted to look good in the nude scenes of the movie. To shape up, Brad Pitt gave up cigarettes entirely. He drastically cut down his indulgences in beer and chips. However, he did indulge in an occasional McFlurry shake from McDonald’s. Brad used a low-carb, high-protein diet during the training for his role. His breakfast would consist of 6 egg whites along with oatmeal and raisins. Tuna and whole wheat pita would be his mid morning snack. His lunch would have chicken, brown rice and vegetables. Mid-afternoon snack would consist of a protein bar or a banana. He would eat the same after his work out as well. For dinner he would have grilled fish, pasta and vegetable salad. And as a late evening snack he ate low fat cottage cheese.


It however took 12 long months of intense training to get there. Brad Pitt spent 3 hours in the gym along with 2 hours of sword training. By doing all this, it is no wonder that he looked the way he did in Troy.


Final Word on the Brad Pitt Diet:

I'm giving it a perfect score of 10/10. There is nothing like hard work at the gym and a healthy diet that can shape you up. Go for it!

Mazel Tov!


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Brad Pitt Diet