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Low Fat Low Calorie Foods List

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Eating healthy is the key to weight loss. Instead avoiding all the fatty foods, choose low fat low calorie foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You would then know that reducing weight is not difficult as you think. Consuming more than what your body requires leads to weight gain. So the selection of low fat and low calorie foods can save you from various heath problems both psychological and physical that arise due to excess weight.



Include variety of vegetables in your diet, these not only come under low fat low calorie foods but they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. But you should ensure to prepare them in the right way. Frying them in oil and butter would add more calories, so opt for steaming, blanching and baking vegetables. Prepare salads with vegetables without any fatty salad dressings.

Beans and Legumes

Consuming beans and legumes are considered the best way to add protein to your diet without adding extra fat and calories.  Add them to soups, pasta, casserole and other dishes to enhance your fiber and protein intake. There are different varieties of beans and legumes giving you many tasty dishes. Recent studies show some beans can also prevent cancer and heart diseases.


Diary products are main source of calcium, but consuming whole milk and cream cheese increases the calorie intake. Instead opt for low fat yogurt, reduced calories cheese. Try to replace full fat milk with skimmed milk in smoothies and milk shakes.


For vegans tofu are the best meat alternative. Including tofu instead meat helps to reduce the amount of fat and calories consumed by you. It is rich in protein and can be added to variety of recipes. Freezing tofu and then re thawing it makes the tofu meatier; also it has the ability to absorb the flavors and marinades making it very delicious. Tofu is also rich source of vitamin B, calcium and iron.

Choosing Low fat and low calorie foods are the ideal way to curtail calorie intake. Consuming low fat low calorie foods paves way to healthy eating. Use the right method of cooking to avoid any additional calories.

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Low Fat Low Calorie Foods List