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Types of Protein Powder

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Chcolate-Flavored Protein PowderThere are different types of protein powder in the market. In this blog we have tried to furnish list of some of the popular types of protein powder. This information will help to you to be more specific with your choices. Some of these protein powder supplements may work for some and some for others. We are not in the position to say what suits you and what doesn’t but this list will certainly help you to identify your kind of protein powder.


Read on for the most common protein powder types available in the market.




Egg protein is mostly associated with the image of body building in older times. But time and again it was proved that the albumin in egg protein serves as a complete protein which aids in development of the lean muscles. The egg protein is nowadays incorporated in many of the protein supplements and it is often termed as a perfect protein because it is free from fat and cholesterol. This may work for those who are lactose intolerant and those who are juggling with milk allergies. If you are allergic to eggs or chicken then you should avoid this supplement.


Brown Rice Protein


It is known for its fast absorption power and it  offers high protein quality. This protein powder type is normally preferred for its imminent health benefits. This protein powder aids in fighting against fatigue, hair loss, insulin resistance, hormonal irregularities and many more. The protein powder is recommended to all those who find it difficult to curb their razing sugar levels. The protein powder is low in fat and carbohydrate. The only problem with this type of proteins is that the many of the rice products lack in essential amino acids.


Whey Protein


This is one of the most popular amongst different types of protein powder available in the market. The whey product is nothing but a byproduct of milk after the preparation of cheese or casein. The whey protein can be labeled as complete protein because it consists of essential amino acids. The other imperative reason of choosing the whey protein over other protein powder types is that it is fairly inexpensive and has fast reaction time in comparison with other protein types.  Again, it is not recommended for casein intolerant individuals.




This is closely related to the whey protein and is even called the complete protein. However, it is bit more expensive than the whey and takes long time for assimilating into the blood stream. It is not easily soluble as whey and also tastes unpleasant in the comparison but it has comparatively long lasting effects than whey. This is one of those types of protein powder whose purity may vary from brand to brand. Also, unlike the whey protein casein can be enjoyed by even those who are lactose intolerant. However, it should be ensured that casein is not mixed with other ingredients that contain lactose.


As indicated no one else can tell you which protein powder will work and which wont. Only this blog will help to streamline your search in the right direction.


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Types Of Protein Powder