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Best Weight Loss Shakes


Best Weight Loss Shakes

On a weight loss trip and looking for the best weight loss shakes around? Often the best weight loss shakes are the ones you can come up yourself, with a little bit of innovation combined with your knowledge on health and nutrition, and make at home than the commercial products you get in the market. Another reason why you should stay away from commercial products is that they are not only expensive, but you also do not know what goes into the making of such products. Since homemade weight loss shakes do not require cooking, they are simple and easy to make and are healthy as well.


The most common ingredients you can have in your shake include fruits, yogurt or milk, and protein powder. These shakes can be had for breakfast. A word about having such healthy shakes first thing in the morning; your body absorbs nutrients and minerals the best when you are empty stomach.


So what are the best weight loss shakes?


  • Blueberry shake is one of the best ways to start your day. Blend blueberries and milk in your blender. It’s as simple as that. If you are adventurous, you can a vegetable (like raw carrot) to this shake and make it more nutritious. Blueberry shake is supposed to burn belly fat. As a general rule, try to avoid sugar in your shakes.
  • Make a vegetable cum fruit juice. Combine carrot and orange. After juicing the two, add milk to the mixture and make a shake. It tastes good and it’s also nutritious. Papaya can also make the thickest of shakes.
  • Did you hear about the latest discovery in the weight loss arena? A new fruit called Maqui Berry from the South America is selling like crazy in the market, apparently owing to its powers in making people lose weight.
  • Whatever fruit or vegetable you use for your shake, make sure you get them fresh. You need to wash them and peel their skins before blending them.


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Best Weight Loss Shakes