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Jessica Alba Diet

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 Jessica Alba diet is something different. She works out hard and eats healthy to keep herself fit. In February 2011, it was publicly announced that she and her husband Cash Warren are going to be parents again. Being an A-List Hollywood celebrity mother is no mean task, especially when having a sylph like figure is the norm of the day. So what did she do to get back in shape after pregnancy? Let's see...


Jessica Alba Diet Tips

Jessical Alba gained 35 pounds during her first pregnancy. But after her pregnancy, Jessica Alba went on the Braganza's 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone program. Ramona Braganza says that Alba is a person who has always had an inclination toward healthy food, so it was easier for her to lose the baby fat soon after. As a part of her weight loss plan, her breakfasts would have egg white omelets, oatmeal ,and turkey. Lunch would consist of fish and vegetables. Dinner would include some lean meat with rice and vegetables. She also drinks a plenty of water and fruit juices to keep herself hydrated.


As a part of her post-pregnancy diet workout regimen, she hit the gym 6 times a week. But , you need to know that she hit the gym only after her 3rdweek of delivery. Her typical workout would include 25 minutes of core strengthening exercises, 20 minutes cardio, and 15 minutes of circuit training. Ramona Braganza says that Jessica Alba gave 100 percent into the diet and workout regimen and that showed in the results.


Final Word on the Jessica Alba Diet!

Jessica Alba's diet and exercise plan is more likely to remain the same for her second pregnancy too. There is nothing like hard work and healthy eating that can get you back in shape. So all the new baby mamas, can follow her. However, do consult your doctor and nutritionist before, during and after your pregnancy. Get some professional help to design a healthy diet and fitness program, just for yourself.


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Jessica Alba Diet