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Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss

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Honey and Lemon For Weight LossHoney and lemon for weight loss programme has been used since ages. It is the most sort after and famous grandma`s tip on losing weight and keeping good digestion. We have a tendency to gain weight if we don’t steal time for workouts and cardio vascular exercises. The result is devastating which includes obesity, sluggishness, low energy and acute fatigue. Obesity is again the precursor of many future diseases and triggers the ailments like blood pressure, heart stroke, diabetes, and cholesterol issues. We struggle throughout our life on maintaining good health by following strict regimen of fasting, exercises, and starving our body to extreme. This results in abnormal weight loss and makes you sick due to lack of essential nutrients. One of the best way to keep the track of good health alive without much of starving, or doing strenuous work outs, is consuming honey and lemon.


Benefits of Honey and Lemon

  • Numerous surprising benefits of honey and lemon make them the first choice of many nutritionist and ayurvedic advisers. Honey has been described as the ultimate elixir of life, the panacea of all cures. What makes honey gain priority on health chart is the rich fructose content in it along with loads of essential vitamins, and minerals which we get as bonus from this natural heavenly sweetener.
  • Honey initialize and stabilize the process of fat burning metabolism in liver. It reduces the extra load of fat and carbohydrate catabolic process on liver and thus ensures better liver functioning. Lemon on the other hand is a great natural detoxifier and cleanser. When teamed with honey, lemon helps in flushing out the toxins, metabolic wastes, and builds up production of good hormones in body.
  • Detoxification and cleansing is one important part of maintaining weight loss. Honey has fructose which has got the role of lowering the glycemic index of glucose in liver. Lowering glycemic index of glucose is enough to fuel energy for burning the stored fat in our tissues and cells. Honey and lemon channelize the adipose tissue (fat cells deposition tissue), and helps in building up more of lean muscles and dissolving up those extra fat pounds and inches.


Simple Tips on How to Consume Honey and Lemon

  • Honey and lemon can be used as concoction. Take some Luke warm water, dribble raw honey to it, juice in some pints of lemon. Stir it thoroughly and guzzle up on empty stomach, every morning. You should get the hang of it in no time.
  • One other way of consuming honey and lemon is to take it with some cinnamon. Try to consume it after oily meals and if taken in night before bed, this super drink will induce a good night sleep. Good sleep is again one of the best ways of losing weight.

So, these are some of the weight loss tips with honey and lemon.

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Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss