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Miranda Kerr Diet

Miranda Kerr, blood type dietYou can now know about the Miranda Kerr diet! Wait a minute, who is who? Simply put, Miranda Kerr is Orlando Bloom's wife. Orlando Bloom....sigh... if only all English men were hot like him, who needs wars? There will be world peace. LoL! But this blog is going to be about the lovely Miranda Kerr and the diet tips that she has to give to the world. But first, let me introduce her to you. Miranda Kerr is the first Australian model to take part in the Victoria's Secret campaign. She has been a Victoria Secret model since mid-2007. She is a Nichiren Buddhist and a little birdie tells me that she chants, meditates, and practices yoga everyday. Now here comes the funny part; the dastardly Bling Ring, a bunch of burgling teenagers in Hollywood, burgled her Victoria's Secret lingerie from her home just because they liked it. Miranda Kerr is beautiful, has a beautiful body and such is life. Like the Bling Ring, you might not be able to get hold of her lingerie but you can know Miranda Kerr's diet.



Miranda Kerr Diet Tips:

Though Miranda Kerr is a new mom(yes!), she is in great shape. She has revealed that the secret to her beautiful body is Doctor John D'Adamo's Blood Type Eating Plan along with other diet supplements. She prefers low glycemic index foods, high-alkaline foods, drinks filtered water, and eats mostly fresh produce and very little meat. Miranda loves to drink plenty of raw juices and lots of water. She recommends that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day as water helps to keep the body hydrated and helps one to lose weight.


Like I said earlier, she is a Buddhist who practices yoga. Yoga calms the mind and soul, apart from helping the muscles to relax. She also does Pilates that helps tone the muscles and improve the metabolism. She also hits the gym regularly and works out for about 75 minutes. She also runs 5 kilometers twice a week which is awesome.


Final Word on the Miranda Kerr Diet!

Pilates, yoga, and jogging are good for anyone. Drinking plenty of raw juices and water is also good. But please note that Miranda Kerr is anemic(low iron in blood). Anemia means poor resistance to diseases. This mostly because she does not eat meat. However, she did mention that she is now eating iron-rich foods but not from meat.


The Blood Type diet...well... I have been hearing mixed reviews about that one. It might work for one and might not work for another. Moreover many dieticians, physicians, and scientists is that the diet theory is unsupported by scientific evidence. Therefore, I would recommend that you do not try this. But if you must, then consult your doctor.


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Miranda Kerr Diet