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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy Tips

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Healthy Eating & PregnancyHealthy eating and pregnancy is a very common topic that is discussed by all the women. Healthy eating during pregnancy is important to meet yours and the baby's needs during pregnancy as well as for the post delivery stage.  When you become pregnant, your fetus starts absorbing nutrients from you. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat for two. A pregnant woman has to include about 300 more calories in her daily diet to feed the fetus, thats just around one cup of ice cream!! Hence, the stress here is upon eating right so as to include all essential micro and macro nutrients rather that just hogging on food. Read on to learn more such diet tips for pregnant women...




 Some Great Ways For Healthy Eating During Pregnancy


These are few essential things that will come handy for pregnant women.


1. Eat Foods Rich In Folic Acid


Folic acid, a member of Vitamin B family, is very essential to prevent neural tube defects as well as cleft lip and congenital heart disease. Even though doctors prescribe folic acid tablets, you can include foods like dark green leafy veggies in your diet, whole grain cereals and breads for optimal benefits.


2. Include Iron In Your Diet


Iron in sufficient amounts is required for a healthy supply of blood to your baby as well as for yourself. Iron supplements are normally suggested, but then also including veggies like spinach, lean red meat and poultry along with iron fortified cereals is always advisable.


3. Drink Water In Plentiful Amounts


Pregnant women are prone to develop urinary bladder infections, constipation and hemorrhoids. Increase your water intake to avoid these medical conditions. Drinking water also helps to supply the nutrients to fetus in adequate levels. You can drink fruit juices, but cut down on other foods to adjust the calorie intake.


4. Include Calcium For Stronger Bones


According to studies, a pregnant woman should intake 1,000 mg to 1,300 mg calcium in her daily diet. Opt for the natural sources like yogurt, milk, cheese, sardines, tofu and salmon for sufficient calcium requirement.


5. Add Vitamin C To Boost Immunity Power


A pregnant woman is weaker when compared to her normal days. So intake of Vitamin C can boost immunity power. You can include broccoli, tomatoes and various citrus fruits in your diet for vitamin C.


Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


Alcohol tops the list, followed by caffeine in excessive amounts. Avoid intake of shark, king mackerel, white snapper, golden snapper and swordfish as these contain mercury in high amounts. Restrict tuna intake to just 6 ounces a week. It is advisable to avoid unpasteurized or raw milk and cheese. Avoid soft cheese like Brie and Camembert.


Along with healthy eating during pregnancy, adequate exercises and following doctor’s advices are also essential for a healthy pregnancy and baby.


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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy Tips