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Food Pyramids For Adults

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Food Pyramid For A Healthy LifeBefore I talk about the food pyramids for adults, let me put in a query here – how many of us actually customize and eat daily? If you have a look into your daily diet, you will understand that 99% of the people have a generalized meal. While we are very eager to wear a customized dress, why are we not showcasing the same keenness when coming to food. Remember there is no one size that fits also. That is what exactly the food pyramid for adults put forward by USDA has to tell us.



These food pyramids for adults are essential for enhancing the quality of life and reducing the risk associated with various degenerative medical conditions. But for eating healthy, you should know what all do you eat. We can categorize the food we eat into 6 different categories – Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Dairy foods Protein and Fats. Check out the logic behind the food pyramid for adults with these 6 generic rules.


Rule 1: Use At Least 50% Of Whole Grains In Your Diet.

Grains yield energy and the benefits increase with inclusion of whole grains. Oats, whole wheat, brown rice, whole grain cornmeal etc, which are carbohydrates break down slowly.


Rule 2: Make Your Plate Rich With Various Veggies.

All the veggies - dark greens, orange, starchy, dry bean and peas and other vegetables like artichokes, asparagus etc. are healthy and should be included in your daily diet.


Rule 3: Make Fruits The Inevitable Part Of Your Diet.

Fruits or 100% fruit juice fall into this group. Avoid the canned ones as they contain sugar, Fruits along with veggies are good sources of antioxidants and fibers that keep you young and energetic.


Rule 4: Add Calcium To Your Diet Via Dairy Products.

All the liquid dairy products are rich sources of calcium. Include the fat free versions or skimmed versions of these dairy products but leave out cheese and butter as they do not contain calcium even in trace amounts. You can use salmon to reap calcium.


Rule 5: Eat Protein, Stay Lean.

Dishes prepared from fish, poultry, peas, dry beans, eggs, meat, seeds and nuts are ideal sources of proteins. Proteins are body building foods essential for growth development and regeneration of body cells and muscles.


Rule 6: Restrict Fat.

Yes, the keyword is restriction. You need to include fat in the minimum possible amount in your daily diet to remain fit and fine.


These key ingredients form the base for the various food pyramids for adults. Remember, healthy eating along with adequate exercises is the keyword to a healthy living.


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Food Pyramids For Adults