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A Berry A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

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Yes, that was a mistake made intentionally.

It seems like berries have long taken over the proverb, or berries have at least matched with the goodness of apples. There is a wide variety of berries known to man, each of which is good source of antioxidants, ellagic acids, fiber and more.


If you have not yet realized the way berries can augment your health, it’s high time you do. Studies have proved that berries can positively enhance the function of human heart and bones, cut down on cholesterol and can even lower the blood pressure. What more can you ask for?

With all this goodness, why not get the best out of these little fruits. Remember, they are not just good to see and feel, but highly nutritious to include in your diet.

Get some of the best blueberry recipes here.

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A Berry A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!