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Colon Cleansing Foods

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Colon Cleansing foods are often prescribed in diet for initiation of natural detoxification process.  In fact we should include some foods for colon cleansing in our regular diet consciously because healthy colon leads to healthy lifestyle. Natural detoxification is a wonderful way to stay fit and in shape. The foods which are rich in natural fiber and watery content are best examples of colon cleansing foods. For a quick view, let’s list some common items which we can easily include in our daily diet and can keep a natural control on our colon cleansing process.


Colon cleansing foods: some reliable examples

There are multiple examples of colon cleansing foods however it is easier to know the most common items which are easy available through out the year. Over consumption of foods for colon cleansing may lead to loose motion or flatulence etc. problem because most of these foods are mild laxative in nature. It is always wise to consume colon friendly foods in moderate amount; the habit will keep the loose motion away and will take care of intestinal health.

  • One of the most reliable a tasteful examples of colon cleaning foods is natural fruits. When fruits are consumes in raw condition, the items contain lots of natural fiber in it, which helps relieving constipation and hence keeps digestive system clean. Apple, pears, peach, mango, watermelon, jackfruit, banana, and fresh sprouts are wonderful examples of fiber rich foods for colon cleansing.
  • Similarly green leafy vegetables are excellent source of loads of vitamins, antioxidants, and natural fibers. Spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, etc. are wonderful items for natural colon cleaning. However try to have these veggies in boiled or steamed condition for best effect, oily recipes and excessive spice may spoil the natural qualities of these ingredients.
  • Seeds, beans and nuts are trusted examples of colon cleansing foods. Black beans, almond, and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds are preferred food of colon friendly category which you can easily include in your diet rotation wise. Consumption of any on these items daily will keep your colon free from toxin and the nutrients will keep up your immunity level.
  • Brown rice is extremely colon friendly staple food; foods made with whole grain like cereals are wonderful colon cleansing foods which you should eat at daily basis for keep your colon free from unwanted loads.
  • Although raw fruits contain fruit pulps in comparison to fruit juice hence are better quality of colon cleansing foods, selected fruit juices like apple, prune, blackberry, and grapefruits are also quite supportive for natural colon cleansing process.
  • Water may not be included in to food category but it is one of the most vital ingredients to keep colon free from toxin. Right intake of water will keep you hydrated, fresh, and free from irritation digestive problems like heart burn, acidity, and flatulence.


You must include colon cleansing foods in your regular diet; most these foods are loaded with antioxidants also, which will take care of your natural anti aging treatment as well.



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Colon Cleansing Foods