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Triple H Diet


Triple H diet plan

Known better by his ring name Triple H, his bodybuilding advice is so popular that the Triple H diet has acquired a cult status among people who worship gyms to build a body like him. Having won about 23 championships, of which 13 are world championships, it’s no wonder that people follow the Triple H diet plan like the bodybuilding bible.


Triple H’s book Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body is also considered to be of influential in the bodybuilding circles for its veritable approach in providing credible tips for a better body.


Here’s how the Triple H diet and work out plan works:


Eating enough calories:


Triple H says; "The hardest thing for me is eating enough calories each day. I'm a big believer of quality foods, but I have to eat quite a decent amount of fat just to keep my calories up. I burn fat very easily." According to him, it’s imperative that you eat enough because need calories to keep yourself going. Triple has a fast-burning metabolism and according to him, it’s both “a blessing and a curse”. What this means is that it’s difficult for him to maintain the body mass. On the other hand, he doesn’t have to fight against fat and flab. This also makes him not care much about what he eats.


So if you are thin, tall, and lanky and in need to gain weight eat enough is Triple H’s advice. Skip stereotypical foods like high-protein, low-fat workout diet. Ensure there is enough protein in your diet and that you are not eating any fast-food. Triple H also replies on protein drinks to maintain the base. “If you are not eating the right food, you don’t have a base,” according to Triple H.


Work out:


With the right kind of food and workout you can build a body like Triple H. His special technique includes the Triple H burn. What this means is that he selects only a moderate weight and does not at all rest between sets. For example, he does 15 reps on leg press and holds it up for 15 seconds in the flexed position. This then extends to 12 and then further to 10, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 second.


He advises his fans to:


  • Make sure they only stimulate the muscle and not kill it
  • Always keep their goals in mind when they train
  • Focus on the exercise they are doing and do not wander away
  • Put in as much efforts as much they aspire for


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Triple H Diet