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Sonam Kapoor Diet

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Time and again Sonam Kapoor, the most sought after Bollywood actress,  has confirmed that the transformation from a gawky 90 kg teenager to a lanky sexy swan was not an easier one. A look at the Sonam Kapoor diet plan is sure to inspire even the confirmed morbid obese. So read on and learn more...



















I remember Sonam blaming her genes for her food penchant. She said that her family belongs to certain region of Pakistan where the people are known for their food penchant. There is a popular saying that old habits die hard , but Sonam Kapoor diet regime indicates that everything is possible, all you need to have is little amount of patience, and fairly large amount of determination to succeed. So, let’s have a look into Sonam Kapoors diet regime and how she overcame her food struggles.


  • Avoid Samosa (Samosa is a Indian version of puffed pastry which is deep fried in oil and is often high on calories owing to its combining ingredients).
  • Have small meals within the gap of every 2 hours instead of 3 king-size meals.
  • Avoid refined foods and have lots of fruits, vegetables and lean meats. 
  • Exercise: Sonam’s diet regime largely emphasizes on the workout regime. She has also talked in great detail about swaying to music. 
  • Avoid caffeine and drinks lots of water. 
  • In Sonam's own words, “Realize there is no easy way” and “Don’t ever stray away from your goals”. 


Lessons to be learnt from Sonam Kapoorts Diet:


  • Snacking is as important as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The snacking helps to main the energy level necessary to wrap up a hectic day.
  • Refined foods add to the body fat and ruin our weight loss goals. However, the fruits, vegetables and lean meats supply nutrients, make you feel full without adding to your weight.
  • Dancing to the favorite music is best form of exercise because it helps to tackle of those extra kilos in a very joyous and beneficial way.
  • Like any other healthy diet plan Sonam Kapoor’s diet plan also advocates the necessity of avoiding coffee at large. She says that green tea is the best solution to curb your caffeine cravings because it has caffeine content which is enough to satisfy the urge created by regular coffee consumption.

As, Sonam said there are no shortcuts to success, eating healthy is important but exercising is equally important too. 


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Sonam Kapoor Diet