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Salman Khan Diet

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Salman, the charistmatic body builder of Bollywood still remains one of the bankable stars of all time due to his looks and acting talents. Salman has come a long way from being the quintessential chocolate boy to a domineering action hero. Salman could achieve it only through the right diet and proper exercising pattern. While reading through this blog you will understand that Salman’s diet is a perfect example of what you need to achieve a six pack body.


Salman admits that at times he freaks out on his regular diet; otherwise mostly he sticks to the following diet routine.

  • Breakfast: I believe this is one of the best features of Salman Khans diet regime. He has divided his breakfast routine into the one before the workout and one after the breakfast. Before workout Salman has protein shakes and two egg whites along with amino acid tablets. After work out he settles down for bowl of oats and three egg whites.


  • Mid-Morning Snack: Salman is a snacking guy. He mostly settles down for 10 almonds and glutamine laced protein shakes.


  • Lunch: Salman is well-known for its penchant for everything expensive but that contradicts his food patterns. He loves to have a very simple lunch of Dal, rotis ,and green veggies.


  • Mid-Evening Snack: Again this time Salman loves to have protein shakes and nuts.


  • Dinner:  I feel this feature of Salman diet plan is worth appreciation because dinner is balanced with protein rich grilled fishes, egg whites, and nutrient rich vegetable soup.
  • The last action on Salman’s diet regime is having a glass of protein shake before proceeding for bed.


What Salmans Diet Plan has to offer?

A peek into Salman’s diet makes it clear that the secret of his muscular body lies in his choice of protein laid foods. Over the years Salman has followed a high protein diet and was clever enough to couple it with high profile strength training exercises. Here is what you can gain from aping Salmans diet:

  • Salman’s diet is highly laid with proteins and fibers which aid him in workout and zips up his energy level throughout the day. The proteins and fibers supply nutrients sufficient for growth of the body organs and minimizes the instances of painful aftereffects of a fall or injury given to the fact hat Salman is a hardcore action guy.


The thing that worked for Salman may or may not work for you. Still you can give it a try if you wish to make it to the leagues of 6 pack after Salman Khan and Amir Khan.


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Salman Khan Diet