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John Abraham Diet

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John Abraham is the real macho man of the Indian film industry. He never ceases to amaze his followers with his great body and acting skills. When every one wanted to know John Abraham diet tips to stay macho and healthy at the same time, he happily strutted in down. Let’s have a look into John Abraham diet plan:


Breakfast: We feel that major attraction of John Abraham diet lies in breakfast because he believes in eating the breakfast kingsize. John takes a lavish breakfast with a big glass of fresh juice, six egg whites, slices of buttered toast, and ten almonds. John is very fond of tea and makes it a point to have it atleast twice a day.


  • Snacks: John admits that he is a big fan of snacking. He keeps on munching something or the other for every two hours. He ensures that those snacks are simple and healthy.


  • Lunch: Lunch is an interesting feature of John Abraham diet plan. John loves to eat lunch like a commoner. Instead of having expensive lunches John mostly resorts to having simple Indian staple of chappathi (bread prepared from wheat flour), lentil soup or dal and boiled spinach.

What Is John Abraham’s Diet Plan All About?

John Abraham’s diet plan sends out a signal of positivity and hard work.  John proves that:

  • Breakfast is not a hindrance to your weight loss goals. It has been proved time and again that a healthy breakfast does more wonders than skipping it.  Starting a day with power boost of vitamins and proteins always does more good to the body than harm. It aids you to continue with your regular daily functions with much élan and zeal.
  • The snacking helps to refuel the body if you are engaged in heavy exercises. That is what exactly aids John Abraham in carrying out with his daily activities. The health experts say that snacking helps to regularize the blood sugar levels and keeps you going throughout the day. Also, healthy snacking helps in managing weight. The experts have found out that snacks helps to maintain the emotional and mental stability. Now we know why John is called a cool dude?!!
  • The balanced vitamin and protein intake helps us to survive through the day with same enthusiasm and energy as in the morning.


After having a close look into John Abraham diet we can profoundly say that expensive lunch or tailored lunches are not required to achieve weight loss. The perseverance and determination is the key to healthy weight loss. 


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John Abraham Diet