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Kareena Kapoor Diet

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Kareena Kapoor – an actress, a fashion icon, champion of healthy weight loss… the list of sobriquets may never end. We all readily agree with all these sobriquets, but I am biased more towards her role in promoting the healthy weightloss. She captured the breath of the whole nation with her sculpted look in Tashan. Indeed Bebo has come a long way from being the chubby girl in Refugee to a chiseled swan in Tashan. Kareena was the first one to trigger a health trend called size zero.









Kareena Kapoor Diet Talk

“Eat well, eat right, and eat regularly". - True because the success of Kareena Kapoor's diet lies in these three simple words told to her by Rujuka Diwekar (the sculptor of her new look). Kareena admits that she could meet her weight goals only after following right diet, exercise and yoga.

Yes, the statement correctly emphasizes on the importance of eating right and confirms the old statement that true way to weight loss lies in healthy eating.

  • Many feel that success of Kareena Kapoor diet plan lies in proper diet management. Kareena got her diet fixed up according to her activities. Her diet was and is mostly packed stuffed with East Indian goodies. Instead of emphasizing on the names of foods Kareena focused on the nutrients supplied by these foods.  She says ditching the goodies for simpler meals is not a solution to weight loss. However switching to simpler meals may aid you in enjoying different tastes but they don’t do any good to your weight.


Features of Kareena Kapoor Diet Secrets

On having a closer look at Kareena Kapoor’s food secrets we will find that she never compromised on her favorite foods only she made some healthy choices. Her daily food routine changed with availability of healthy food choices at sets.

  • When Kareena was in Mumbai, mostly she relies on muesli (a cereal made from uncooked oats, fruits and nuts) and milk or she goes for parathas and chillah. Kareena avoids beverages like tea and coffee.
  • If Kareena is shooting in South then she chooses Idlis and appams for breakfast.
  • During the shooting of Tashan at Ladakh Kareena mostly had fruits for breakfast and savored thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) and momos for lunch and dinner.  Normally she had pudina tea without milk during her breakfasts.


Here are some of things that seem to work in her favor:


  • Starting a day with bowl of power cereal like Muesli not only aids you in enjoying a long day but also keeps in zapped throughout the day. Muesli is valued because it is powerhouse of vital nutrients. It helps to curb the instances of cancer and other age related issues. Unlike many other modern day breakfast cereals the muesli is rich in fiber and calcium. We think this is the best feature of Kareena Kapoor’s diet plan.


  • Having lighter things like Idli or appam not only aids in fast digestion but also reduces the pressure on digestive tract.


  • Starting a day with fruits or munching them in between aids in easy digestion and it supplies the energy boost needed for the body to function properly. The fruits comprise of 80% water which aids in fast weight loss.


On reviewing the above diet we can say that there is nothing unusual about Kareenas diet plan only that she plays smart with her food choices. This inspires us to say

Size Zero = healthy eating + right exercising + smart food choices. 


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Kareena Kapoor Diet